Police Searching Hagos Belay Gebrehiwot for the Murder of his Wife

Hagos Belay Gebrehiwot

Press release of the Wiesbaden Criminal: 2,000 euro reward to Catch a Killer Hagos BELAY Gebrehiwot


www.presseportal.de | Sept 3, 2015


Wiesbaden (ots) – Police Headquarters West Hessen, 01/08/2015 (ho) On Wednesday, 08.12.2015, around 12:00 clock, the 23-year-old Eritrean nationals Asmayt Tekleab YHDEGO was found dead in her room at their accommodation found (we reported). The Wiesbaden Criminal determined since because of a homicide, said investigations revealed evidencet. The police are looking for now with a warrant the volatile 25-year-old spouse of the killed called Hagos BELAY Gebrehiwot. Seen for the last time, BELAY Gebrehiwot was posted on 08/11/2015 at 00:43 clock in Wiesbaden, in the Bahnhofstrasse in the field of local NASPA branch and against 09:30 clock at his home address in Wiesbaden.


POL-WI: Press release of the Wiesbaden Criminal: Soko Asmara asking for Mitfahndung - suspended 2,000 euro reward


Asking police and prosecutors: Who knows BELAY Gebrehiwot and can provide information on his whereabouts?


Anyone who has seen him since 08/11/2015?


Who has seen him come out of the bank? Where he went after that?


Who knows if and to whom the BELAY Gebrehiwot had contacts?


The riot police also deployed


Who made the night of 10/08/2015 to 08/11/2015 in Wiesbaden suspicious perceptions at the Mainzer Straße in the local asylum seeker accommodation or on the road towards the train station?


Directions please contact the police headquarters West Hessen, Tel .: 0611 / 345-0 or any other police station.


2000 – EUR reward exposed!


For information leading to the arrest of Hagos BELAY Gebrehiwot, the Wiesbaden public prosecutor has offered a reward of 2000 – exposed to EUR. This reward is not intended for public officials, whose duties include the prosecution of criminal offenses. The granting and distribution of the reward takes place under exclusion of legal action.


The crime scene is in front of the house, some onlookers happen


Please address any inquiries to police headquarters West Hesse – Wiesbaden Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 51 65187 Wiesbaden Press Office Telephone: (0611) 345-1042 Email: [email protected]


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