Video: Eritrean Europe Wide Demonstration Against the UN Commission Report on Human Rights


Eritrea: Europe Wide Demonstration against the UN Commission Report on Human Rights

E-Smart PRESS RELEASE | June 22, 2015

Eritrea Demo 2015

Eritreans and friends of Eritrea in Europe, outraged by the recent unwarranted attack on the state, people and government of Eritrea by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) Commission of Inquiry (COI) and Special Rapporteur Report on the Human Rights situation in Eritrea, and standing for genuine human rights, are holding a mass protest rally in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday 22 June, 2015 to protest the deceitful representation of the Human Rights situation. The demonstration will be starting at 12:00 (mid-day) and finish at 17:00 o’clock.

The Mass demonstration will take place on the front of the United Nation Office in Geneva (Palace of Nations), venue de la Paix 8-14, CH -1211 Geneva.

Thousands of Eritrean-Europeans and friends of Eritrea who profoundly believe the report by COI and Special Rapporteur is politically motivated to undermine and paint a wrong image of Eritrea, will be arriving from all over Europe with over 60 large buses already confirmed from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and other parts of the world. Many more are flying and driving their own cars to participate in the demonstration.

The UNHRC Commission of Inquiry for Human Rights Situation in Eritrea, chaired by Mr. Mike Smith, and consisting of two other members, Mr. Victor Dankwa and Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth have never set foot in Eritrea and managed to come up with deceitful report based on unanimous interviews with people who are seeking asylum in western (economically developed) nations and members of the COI have been advocating illegal “regime change” in Eritrea and are attempting to further fuel the destabilisation of Eritrea by claiming “crimes against humanity may have been committed.”

Once again, we are protesting the unwarranted attack on the state of Eritrea and believe the issue of Human Rights is being used as a pretext to divert attention from the illegally occupied Eritrean territory by Ethiopia the UN chose to ignore and to skew other political realities in the horn of Africa.