Video: First Eritrean English Movie – Afedi’u – ኣፈዲኡ – Sidon Redei



First Eritrean English Movie – Afedi’u – ኣፈዲኡ – rough edit scene



A story of two brothers unfamiliar to one another. Daniel (Afediu) was released from Sembel Rehabilitation Center on Friday. His brother who was raised by French family arrived in Asmara on the same day, Friday, in search of his true family. In Asmara, a crime was committed through Daniel, on the account of resemblance his brother, who had just arrived from abroad, was arrested by the police. He could find no one to understand it was not him. Because of their resemblance a lot of unexpected things took place. Finally, the mystery was resolved.


Sidon Redei as Yordanos, Tedros Berhane (Nigus Chaka) as Daniel (Afediu) and as Antone, Gezahgn Gebresilasie (Gezie) as Solomon, Zekarias Gerima (Zaki) as Michael, Fiori Jusepe as Salem, Daniel Debesay (Tatula) as Measho, Tsega Mehari (Inshu) as Letina, Belainesh Goiteom as Ghenet and so on.



Eritrean Movie - Afedi'u Sidon Redie