Video: Italian Police Arrest Ghirmay Ermias, Redae Medhane and 22 Int’l Human Traffickers







Italian Police Arrest Ghirmay Ermias, Redae Medhane and 22 Int'l Human Traffikers


Italian public prosecutor: revealed a migrant Traffiking system that makes  multi-millionaire Business | April 20, 2015


Ghermay Ermias (pictured) is one of the major traffickers operating on the so-called "Libyan route", a fugitive since July 2014. The organization, with 400 euro, also allows the escape of migrants from reception centers in Sicily.




Trafficking in human beings is a millionaire business. The confirmation came from the operation "Glauco II" of the police that led to the arrest of 24 people: 14 are operating in Italy. 

Route organization dedicated to human trafficking between Africa and Europe. The investigation was inspired by the tragic end of the landing of October 3, 2013 in Lampedusa, when in 366 lost their lives half a mile from the island. Among the main culprits – according to investigators – are two human traffickers: Ghirmay Ermias, Ethiopian, and Redae Medhane Yehdego, Eritrean, operating on the so-called "Libyan route". 

The first, a fugitive since July 2014, considered the organizer and the head of that episode, acting between Tripoli and Zuwarah. "This investigation has allowed verification functions as the organizational system of the criminal group and shown how to move money from one country to another by using an additional mechanism, typical of some areas of Africa, said" Hawala "that can be summarized in the system compensation between different subjects on the basis of trust between them, "a clandestine system of transfer of resources. He said the chief prosecutor of Palermo, Franco Lo Voi, during the press conference on the transaction "Glauco II". Millionaire business of the organizers of trafficking in human beings, considered, for example, which are estimated to be between 500,000 and one million Syrians who are ready to embark for Europe. 

The average price paid by migrants to reach Libya from countries like Ethiopia is around $ 5,000. The trip to Italy by sea on unseaworthy vessels, costs about $ 1,500. The organization, upon payment of 400 €, allows the escape from the centers of Sicily and sets up the journey to other European countries with the additional payment of approximately 1500 Euros. "We will make an immediate communication to Eurojust on the type of activity and also send this information to Europol – he added – whose databases may allow the detection of data on investigations conducted by other countries." 

The detention covers 24 subjects including 14, arrested, operating in Italy. There are at least 15 trips organized by the group of human traffickers discovered by the prosecutor of Palermo, all made from May 2014 to date. The 'price' to be paid to the organization to embark from Libya, from the coast near Zuwarah, to Sicily, and then get to Northern Europe via Lombardia, where the band had a 'cell' operational over the Sicilian who cared even escape from reception centers, was 1.500-2000 dollars apiece. Payments that were made with money transfers via Western Union and Moneygram, but also with postpaid cards. "Identify with certainty" in the custody decree issued by pm as attributable to the criminal group headed by Medhanie Yehdego Mered Ghermay Ermias and three landings to a total of 1094 illegal migrants from Lampedusa and Porto Ercole May 31 a year ago; one of 256 illegal migrants in Lampedusa the next day; three landings in Porto Empedocle on 7 June with 1508 illegal migrants; the landing of 211 illegal migrants after two rounds in the same town of Agrigento; to 315 illegal migrants in Lampedusa on 16 June; the landing of 707 illegal migrants on 18 July at Augusta; to 499 illegal migrants in Porto Empedocle on 13 September; that of 39 others in Lampedusa ten days later; the landing of 344 illegal migrants in Porto Empedocle October 3 below; to 401 illegal migrants in Lampedusa February 2 of this year. To these must be added the recovery operations of vessels between 8 and June 9, 2014 by patrol and rescue at sea by ship San Giorgio August 30, 2014 with 101 people saved. 

Ermias, write pm in 526 pages that summarize the elements of accusation collected, to better manage human trafficking, attributed a number to each 'customer' of the organization, also to control, lists in hand, payments made from them. 

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Italian Police Arrest Ghirmay Ermias, Redae Medhane and 22 Intl Human Traffikers