Migrant Arrested/ Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Assault Rape

Migrant Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Assault Rape in Grimstad

Sentenced to five years in prison for assault rape

 27-year-old, who is from Eritrea, came to Norway as asylum seekers and received a temporary residence permit.

took "selfies" during the rape

A 27 year old man has been sentenced to five years in prison after he assaulted and raped a woman at a bus stop in Grimstad.


ERLEND OLSBU | www.fvn.no |  March 26th. 2015


ARENDAL : The rape took place when the woman in their 20s were headed to the bus early in the morning on Sunday 12 October. The now convicted 27-year-old had been at a party in the area and hit the woman randomly at the bus stop.

The man was arrested after four days. 16. March he met who prosecuted in Aust-Agder District Court, which has now sentenced him to five years imprisonment.

Was redone in brick wall

The court in sentencing emphasized several aggravating factors. The judgment stated that the 27-year-old should have tossed the woman a brick wall and then held his hand over her mouth and her nose so she could hardly breathe. When the woman resisted going 27-year-old threatened to kill her. According to the judgment, he tried also to take pictures of themselves and the woman while the assault was carried out.

Requested phone

The woman explained in court that 27-year-old afterwards asked for her phone number. Fearing that the man should do seriously by the death threats she entered the number into the man's phone.

27-year-old admitted guilt in court. He explained that he had been at a party in Grimstad and was very intoxicated. At one point he left the party, but what happened afterwards he could not remember. 27-year-old, who is from Eritrea, came to Norway as asylum seekers and received a temporary residence permit in November 2013.

Had to cancel trials

The applicant was arrested on the basis of tips and other tracks that emerged under police investigation. After his arrest it became clear that dna tracks linked him to the crime scene. Portions of the event was also observed by a cyclist who came by.

27-year-old was in addition to imprisonment ordered to pay the woman 250,000 dollars in damages and compensation. The woman has been strongly affected by the incident in hindsight and regularly go to a psychologist and nurse. She also had to give up their studies. She also had to be treated with medications to safeguard against STDs.

source: http://www.fvn.no/lokalt/aust_agder/Ville-ta-selfie-under-voldtekten-2785690.html

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