Video: Massawa 2015 – The Pearl of the Red Sea

Massawa, Eritrea: Notable buildings in the city include the shrine of Sahaba, as well as the fifteenth century Sheikh Hanafi Mosque and various houses of coral. Many Ottoman buildings survive, such as the bazaar. Later buildings include the Imperial Palace, built in 1872 to 1874 for Werner Munzinger; St. Mary's Cathedral; the 1920s Banco d'Italia. The Eritrean War of Independence is commemorated in a memorial of three tanks in the middle of Massawa.

Massawa is home to a naval base and large dhow docks. It also has a station on the railway line to Asmara. Ferries sail to the Dahlak Islands and nearby Green Island. In addition, the city's air transportation needs are served by the Massawa International Airport.

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