100 Family Reps Report Human Trafficker Measho to Swedish Police

243 Migrants Disappeared – Family Demand Answers

STOCKHOLM- Over 100 families, many of them in Sweden, are now demanding answers to what happened to a boat that disappeared in June in the Mediterranean with 243 people on board.Therefore, police reports they are now a designated traffickers.
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Representatives of 17 Swedish-Eritrean families from all over Sweden now have together turned to the Stockholm police to report a man who they claim arranged their families escape from Libya on June 28 over the ocean.

We want to know if the boat sank, or if they are prisoners somewhere, says Zahara Siraj said. Her brother is among the missing.Swedish-Eritreans are not alone. Families also in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and the United States to police reports this week the same man in their respective countries.

SEK 12,000 per person

There are not many facts of the case, but family members were consistent information about loved ones boarded the small fishing boat, which sailed on the night of 28 June, from al-Khums in Libya.The passengers were mostly from Eritrea and Sudan.

International migrants IOM told TT that witnesses told of a boat with about 240 people who left Libya at the time, but never reached Italy and not rescued. IOM says, however, have no specific information on the boat, such as names.

Relatives say they made up on the phone with an Eritrean traffickers on how to transfer money for the trip to Italy, corresponding to approximately SEK 12 000 per person.

The famous Italian investigative journalist Fabrizio Gatti has interviewed the alleged smuggler in Germany. Dit be the man to have gone in September. He claims to have only received one phone of the true smuggler, to be the contact for the passengers’ relatives.

Uncertainty worst

The man denies, however, in the interview with the Italian magazine L’Espresso to have smuggled some or receiving money. He tells himself to have lost a brother on board.

Uncertainty is for many the worst.

We want to know what happened, many parents are so worried about what happened to their children, says Zahara Siraj.
When the great ship disaster off the Italian island of Lampedusa in October last year, when 366 people died, most Eritreans. Many victims had even then relatives in Sweden. Of the 155 survivors, most have started a new life here.

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