Two Norwegian ISIS Fighters Killed in Syria

Two Norwegian ISIS killed | November 19, 2014 Two Norwegian citizens who fought for the terrorist group Islamic State were killed in Syria in October. One had a leadership position and was among those Norwegian authorities have been most concerned about.

In total, twelve men who traveled from Norway to battle been killed in Syria.  In October, bombed the US-led military operation "Operation Inherent Resolve" positions that belonged to the terrorist organization Islamic State throughout 239 times.

That same month, two Norwegian citizens killed. One, Hisham Hussain Ahmed, who arrived unaccompanied minor asylum seeker from Eritrea in 2003. For five years he lived with a Norwegian foster family in Bærum. In December 2012 he traveled to fight in Syria. There he died in October of this year. The man was 24 years old and was one of the Norwegian citizens who have been longest in Syria.

TV 2 also knows the identity of a 23 year old from Oslo who was killed the same month in Syria.

Totally changed

Tor Bach is the editor of the website The wasp and recreation organization Wildlife X. He knew the boy before he was an extremist.Norwegian-Eritreans loved the outdoors and was several times on fishing trips to the organization. Then he was gone before he was several years later reappeared to take hunting test.

– Then there was an angry young man with a big beard who had changed completely, says Bach TV2.

– Why would he take jegerprøven?

– They talked about hunting down Jews, says Bach who contacted PST. The 24-year-old was at the time associated with the extreme grouping, the Prophet's Ummah.

Had leadership

– We see young men abandoning everything they have. By abandoning the community that gave them everything. As turns his back to friends, to family, to everything and end up signing up for a terrible move. Finally, throw the wreck of his own life, says Tor Bach.

Hisham Hussain Ahmed is one of Syria warriors that Norwegian authorities have been most concerned about. 24-year-old had recently a leadership position in the terrorist group Islamic State.

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