Video: ERi-TV Eritrean Major General Gerezgher Wuchu Martyred at age 64

Eritrean Major General Gerezgher Andemariam Wuchu Martyred at age 64 

Eritrea mourns the death of a gallant son

Kubur gedim tegadalay Major General Gerezgher Andemariam (Wuchu) has
passed away. May he rest in peace and may his family and Eritreans
around the world, especially those who served with him throughout the
years, find solace and comfort in the memories of his illustrious
history and life in the service of his beloved Eritrea. He will be
greatly missed and forever revered and remembered…for his unwavering
dignity in service, his uncanny sense of humor and most of all, for
his leadership.
Zelealemawi Zkri N'Semaetatna
Awet Ni'Hafash

Sophia Tesfamariam

ERi-TV Wuchu2



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