Audio: Eritrea, Ethiopia and Russia Relation ሩስያ ኣብ ምሕዝነት ኢትዮጵያን ኤርትራን ክተብርክት ተገዳስነት ኣርእያ – VOA Tigrigna

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Audio: Eritrea,  Ethiopia and Russia Relation – VOA Tigrigna

It is to be noted that Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman is on a 4-day official visit to the Russian Federation at the invitation of his Russian counterpart, Mr. Sergei Lavrov.

In their meeting, the two officials asserted that Eritrea and Russia share similar views and stances as regards major regional and international issues, besides agreeing to work jointly towards ensuring peace and stability in the Horn of Africa, as well as combating terrorism and acts of extremism.

Moreover, Mr. Osman met with President Vladimir Putin’s Special Envoy on African Affairs, as well as representatives of Russian firms and held discussion focusing on trade and investment.

ሩስያ ኣብ ምሕዝነት ኢትዮጵያን ኤርትራን ክተብርክት ተገዳስነት ኣርእያ
ኣቲ ተበግሶ ዝተሰምዐ፡ ምንስትራት ወጻኢ ሩስያን ኤርትራን ኣብ ሞስኮ ስምምዕ ክልቲኣዊ ርክባት ድሕሪ ምፍርራሞም እዩ

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