PRESS RELEASE: Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations GENEVA

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PRESS RELEASE: Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations GENEVA

The Permanent Mission of the State of Eritrea to the United Nations and other international Organizations in Geneva has the pleasure to announce that the UPR National Report of Eritrea has been adopted on 6 February 2014 during the 18th Session of the UPR Working Group.

The Permanent Mission thanks the Presidency of the Council, all the delegates and the Troika for their constructive participation in the extensive interaction process that followed in the sequel of Eritrea's presentation of the report. The proceedings have once again underscored Eritrea's commitment to the UPR as the most viable process for dialogue, engagement and cooperation on fundamental human rights issues. On this occasion, Eritrea reiterates its commitment to further strengthen this process.

In essence, the interaction has amplified that many of the recommendations are along the country's efforts that aim at furthering the advancement of human rights. The wider appreciation of Eritrea's achievements and constructive recommendations from numerous delegates are clear attestations of the GOE's dedication to promote basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

There were also unbalanced stances from the usual countries which unfortunately opted to completely ignore efforts made, achievements gained as well as the challenges faced. This approach is not consistent with the UPR mechanism that stresses constructive and objective dialogue.

Naturally, challenges remain in some areas. This is the case with other countries as well as with other dimensions of the domestic nation building process. On this occasion, Eritrea reaffirms again its commitment to further its efforts in the protection and promotion of human rights in tandem with its vigorous pursuit of the noble cause of nation building. In this context, it is important to recognize that Eritrea's unequivocal call to the Human Rights Council to terminate and rescind country-specific resolutions on Eritrea and instead focus on strengthening engagement, dialogue and institutional linkage within the UPR framework as both timely and legitimate.

The proceedings have also highlighted the challenges and deleterious consequences of continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories by Ethiopia as well as the unjust and illegal UN sanctions on the full enjoyment of human rights. These challenges are part and parcel of the reality that the country is facing. In this context, Eritrea once again reiterates the sanctity of the UN Human Right Council principle that underlines the interconnectedness of peace and security, human right and development. This poses a challenge on the responsibility of the Human right Council to play its pivotal role in the respect of the right of the Eritrean people