Samuel Tsegay Wins Cross XXVI International

Samuel Tsegay and Martha Tigabea Winners of Cross XXVI International Ciudad de Valladolid

The Eritrean and Ethiopian were the fastest in absolute categories male and female, in an event that brought together nearly 2,500 athletes in a successful sport in the morning Covaresa circuit.

02/02/2014 Juan Postigo |​

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​Gerardo Garcia, Roberto Alaiz, Samuel Tsegay, Antonio Jiménez and Alfonso Lahuerta. / Photo: JP

Wind. Barro. Something cold. But above all, a climate that respected those that occurred in the circuit of Glen Real Covaresa and of course looking forward to athletics. And if you tell it to Samuel and Martha Tsegay Tigabea , which took the XXVI International Cross City Valladolid at senior level to their homes, in a display of physical and good work.


It was not a Cross as above, without going any further because this year had broken records in terms of number of entries is concerned. Nothing more and nothing less than 2,300 federal athletes of all ages and categories gathered Sunday to see who was faster and had more endurance in your muscles.


At senior level, first would be the turn of the women.After an intense race, no less than 6750 meters,would already named Marta Tigabea , of Ethiopia, the palm can take ahead of Alba García, second, and Paula Gonzalez, third . The duel between the three athletes came to the finish line where the champion finally prevailed.


"We were very tight, everything would have run cool and comfortable," he explained recently completed the race, still air Marta."going with my pace, I have not used them to mark me over . Now I'm fine, because I have had bad seasons and I'm training well, "he continued, before concluding with a" next year expects to be here. " Opponents tremble before this Ethiopian twenty-four.

It would be another African male wound which also carry. Samuel Tsegay , a whole used to this type of testing panther gold rather more comfortable that way would take his mate. On the front of Roberto and Antonio Jiménez Alaiz 'Penti', silver and bronze , Samu had no rival.


"I felt very comfortable in the test, it has been rather easy" , assured water bottle in hand and a smile on his face. And at first remained in the lead pack, but while their opponents were relaxing pace, he instead set about increasing it to leave behind. "This has been really easy," he remarked .


"Next year will also be if you invite me," he continued. It would be his third appearance after the recently concluded and 2009, "they just liked it because there was not mud or cold this time." In a Class, come on.




But the role would lead not only Samuel and Martha, even other athletes of the Absolute categories and Promises. In Castilla y León in Valladolid andtradition by running continues to grow rapidly, also in the categories ofCadet Benjamin, Youth, Junior, Youngsters, Children and even Pre Benjamin , with young brave who just raised a meter off the ground with its only six years old of age.


"This means that athletics in Valladolid gaining strength slowly .Moreover, today is a great day doing, but how important are small, they are those who are best spent, the more grateful and ultimately are the quarry, "he explained with a smile on his face Gerardo Garcia, president of the Athletics Federation of Castilla y León in Valladolid Tribune.


Not only in terms of influx of registry was successful this XXVI International Cross City Valladolid. Another 1,500 people were to be seen by the circuit of the Royal Gorge of Covaresa first person to follow the championship. And it's not just football, basketball or handball man lives, as was evident on Sunday.


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