Eritrean Migrant Smuggling Network Between Sicily, Milan and Europe

Migrant smuggling

Migrant smuggling network between Milan and Sicily 
Catania one of the bases of the group of Eritreans

Di Salvo Catalano | |January 29, 2014

The operation Tessa has shed light on a criminal organization of Eritrean nationals who got rich on the backs of fellow migrants that landed on the Sicilian coast in recent months. Hundreds of euro to reach Rome, Milan and then Northern Europe. A story in which the Eritreans between Catania already talked for a long time. "This summer we released five people who were imprisoned in a house in San Beryl. But the victims do not report because they are illegal immigrants. The network is still firmly rooted and trafficking in human beings, unfortunately, continues, "says Arefayne Beraki, a spokesperson for the community

Closed for days, segregated by unscrupulous countrymen who were trying to get rich on the backs of Eritreans fleeing their country to reach Europe. Yesterday operation of mobile teams of Catania and Syracuse , along with the Central Operations Service, has shed light on a criminal network of Eritrean nationals who worked in the two main towns in Sicily and Milan . Were spawned eleven o'clock measures precautionary measure, all the charge is conspiracy aimed at the illegal stay on the territory of the Italian and European. Under arrest are finiri Melake Andebrhan , 27, and Angosom Resom , 32, residents of Syracuse and Yoel Tesfamechale , 31, in the Lombard city. For the other four were placed the obligation to submit to the court, while the other four suspects are absconding.

The operation, called Tessa , has reconstructed a system in which the Eritrean community in Catania we talked for some time: the criminal organization gave logistical support to Africans landed on the south-eastern coast of Sicily in the last few months, and escaped from the reception centers, often without being identified. Once in Catania or Siracusa, the desperate would be sought large sums of money in exchange for the onward journey to Milan. In the Lombard capital was paid a further installment to reach Northern Europe, the final destination for most of the Eritreans.Sometimes the unfortunates were forced to stay for days cooped up in apartments of luck, not having money to pay for the criminal organization.

And 'success in Catania last summer recounts  Arefayne Beraki , one of the landmarks in the Eritrean community of Etna. "It was the voice that came five fellow prisoners were in a house in the district of San Beryl . They had no more money and waited for relatives from abroad accreditassero the new money to pay the trafficker. Volveva 150-200 Euros per person, only to arrive in Rome. " Beraki and other Eritreans, for many years resident in Catania, well-integrated and decide to act, found exactly the prison-house, they are able to free the five. "We have notified the police, but it served the complaint of the victims. Those guys were illegal, they were afraid, and the next morning they are gone, "says Beraki. Of the four suspects yesterday of which were popular names in full, one, Melake Andebrhan, had made ​​a reputation in Catania. "We knew who he was, the police finally stopped him, but these vultures are sprouting like mushrooms. We do what we can, we try to put pressure, but we are left with our hands tied when it comes to convincing the victims to report. Unfortunately, the operation of yesterday is not enough, because the network is still firmly rooted and trafficking of human beings in Catania and Sicily goes on , "he concludes.

Surveys coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate and by the prosecutor in Syracuse the big influx of immigrants in recent months: in 2013, 1,600 Eritreans arrived in Sicily, who run away from a situation of constant tension between Eritrea and Ethiopia, always on point result in a real conflict.

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