Eritreans Join Ethiopians in Milan to Protest the Violence Against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

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Eritreans Join Ethiopians in Milan to Protest the Violence Against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

By Daniel Lemlem | | December 16, 2013

One of the first lessons he learns that the human being is to be heard: a baby, when we do not have the use of the word, is already aware that the only means at its disposal to attract attention to whether the mother is cry. If it is hungry or annoyed, unable to speak, using the only tool at his disposal: the voice. And so it screams. When you do not have the word, perhaps scream becomes the only way to be heard.

This is what happened in Milan November 23 in Piazza San Babila, in the wake of the other great cities of Europe and the world in which in the days before people had already mobilized to protest. In a winter morning, very cold, in a central square of Milan, the Ethiopian community of Milan has launched a peaceful protest to say in a loud voice to stop the violence against the people of Ethiopia in Saudi Arabia. STOP THE VIOLENCE IN SAUDI ARABIA AGAINST THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE

This is the first powerful slogan that spreads in the plaza between the present about a hundred of the garrison who sing loudly. A chorus of protest and solidarity but also of hope and frustration at the same time. From New York to Los Angeles, Stockholm, Paris, London, Rome, Milan … all the children of Ethiopia who live in the diaspora have come together to cry out to the world to hear. The whole circuit of free information and various international NGOs have completely silent on the situation Arabia: a story that can not be told. Everything comes at a time when the Saudi government as a result of recent amendments to the labor law, as soon as the deadline of the amnesty granted to foreign workers to adapt to the new rules forced all citizens illegal aliens to leave the country within 24 hours . Place The Ethiopian community is exposed demonstrating against this measure and at that point became the sacrificial victim of a shameful manhunt, indeed "hunting Cushite."

To-day has worn a massacre in which many Saudi citizens and turned into wild beasts bloodthirsty, in many cases, with the connivance of members of those forces, poured into the streets of the city as a "executioners" do from you, going from house to house to "flush out" the enemies, those who have allowed themselves to oppose indiscriminate expulsion of foreigners from the country.They were days in which to be beaten, raped, beheaded, regardless of age, creed, or sex was enough to be identified as Ethiopian (regardless of whether or not to adjust its position within the country). What is striking is that although the authors of these atrocities have not hesitated to shoot and publish on their web news these crimes seem to be not quite received the attention of international public opinion. There are more deafening silences the din of the greatest of all earthquakes, truth submerged in a sea of ​​oil that covers everything.

We children of Ethiopia we ended up to be just like that baby that has no words, and consequently we gathered everyone in a single cry to call attention of institutions and the media and actually do something. Among the large Ethiopian national flags and banners written in various Italian there were some posters with dramatic images, frames that pierce: girls abused, beaten, hanged … scenes that have had the power to divert the passers-by, even if for a moment, the frenzy which leads us to be slaves to the clock hand so busy to be interested only in what concerns us closely, observing all the rest in a superficial way and continuing to move forward. In the U.S. they say "The show must go on" …

Several people take turns at the megaphone to express a thought in Amharic and Italian, I also take the floor, I feel that the son of the world, born in Italy to an Ethiopian father and Eritrean mother, I feel like I never close to my people and I scream with all the breath in my body.  's an important moment of union: the W l'Etiopia! W Ethiopia! W Africa! W over the world! Eritrea and Ethiopia brothers and sisters! We are all children of God! Stop the violence! I repeat many times these very simple words but that summarize the essence of my thoughts. I truly believe that the secret of life lies in simplicity. There are three hours full of multiple meanings, but I think the most important is was to see the people of Ethiopia – which inside has a 'infinity of cultural diversity, official languages ​​(currently more than 80), hundreds of different ethnic groups and tribes and diversity of those in Africa that often result in bloody wars between rival clans and groups, like the fingers of a hand close in a single punch for crying out loud love for the motherland.

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