Video: Selam Yemane Saletti with Stephen and Barbara Eramo excite the audience Auditorium

Video: Selam Yemane Saletti with Stephen and Barbara Eramo excite the audience Auditorium

By Editorial Staff | | Sunday December 15th, 2013

I am 21 and in the study Theatre Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the audience awaits the arrival of Selam Yemane, the Eritrean poet and singer who has captivated audiences with her latest CD 'Nafike'.
I am struck, from the first moment, the variety of languages ​​and cultures of the viewers of this show.
So, clearly, it is clear that Stephen Saletti, producer and multi-instrumentalist, had told me a few minutes earlier during the interview, the music, as an art and passion, is one of the powerful means by which one can find a meeting point between populations of the Mediterranean, has always been in conflict with each other due to the many political and religious differences.

And this is precisely the message that music Selam Yemane, thanks to the contribution of Stephen, of course, and the wonderful voice and enthusiasm of Barbara Eramo, unable to send.

The musicality hot manages to combine the entire audience in a clap, to make us follow with enthusiasm the rhythm of each chorus.

The same band, in fact, is the best example of "this meeting that never clash" between the ethnic groups, in fact the voice of Eritrea is exalted in the encounter with the Italian one, the classic violin can only benefit of the combination with the less traditional instruments such as the bouzouki and krar.

It is precisely the diversity to enrich, to ensure that our being known, and from this knowledge better himself, only openness to otherness is what can constitute us and restore to us, our true selves!

Another aspect that I was pleasantly intrigued is the pidgin, the language they use Stephen and Barbara Piccola Banda Ikona for their texts.

This language is a combination of Spanish, French, Arabic and Italian and was used in the Mediterranean ports for trade, to ensure that diverse populations, and with different languages, they could communicate with each other.

A tongue of union, of course, that despite the difficult to understand for people like me it was the first time they are approached, it is now to be a warm tongue, a language that welcomes and approaches, which unifies, a language which, while not knowing we can understand its meaning: "Diversity should not scare us, even to the diversity we should draw near with a passion and freedom that nothing like music can express."

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