Salem Tesfay Responds Well to Cancer Therapy

Salem Tesfay Responds Well to Cancer Therapy

Disease is not yet over, but the 19-year-old responds well to therapy

Salem Tesfay is an incredibly strong and brave young woman: For a good nine months, she is now struggling in Göttingen against their serious cancer. Selam has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The 19-year-old Eritrearin is the many people in the region, which have enabled her to therapy, eternally grateful: "God bless all those who help me so much, without knowing me at all."

Salem Tesfay

On the mend: Selam will probably need to be treated until March at the Hospital in Göttingen. Photo: private / nh


Selam had already endured much suffering in the past few months. The chemotherapy and radiation treatments which are a huge burden on the body of the petite young woman. She recently had to contend with a severe intestinal infection, but she has survived in spite of medication-related immunodeficiency.

"The treatments are well posted, according to the doctors," says Harald Germandi, board member of the Association parents help for the child with cancer. The association is made through Selams sister who lives in hessian Lichtenau attention to the fate of the 19-year-olds and takes over since all costs for the young woman. Also Selams parents could be brought by the great commitment of the Association to Germany to support her daughter. After Selams was father for three months with her in Göttingen, her mother is now here to give Salem the necessary psychological strength and support.

Between the therapy units Selam lives with her mother in an apartment of the Göttingen parents' house for the child with cancer. The heaviest chemotherapy and radiation she has already gone. Nevertheless, they must still expected to March can endure more chemotherapy regimens. "Our biggest hope is that Salem does not need bone marrow donation and we can sent home healthy again," says Germandi. Then she should be switched to tablets, with which they can be treated in their homeland. "We must be answered, such as medical care in Eritrea could be organized," says Germandi. The association will bear these costs for Selam, therefore it is so important that further donations for the young woman come together.

From Alia Shuhaiber

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