Eritrea’s Massawa Airways Gets Greenlight for MA-60 Operations

Massawa Airways

Eritrea's Massawa Airways Gets Greenlight for MA-60 Operations | 06DEC2013

Massawa Airways (Massawa) has been cleared to operate its sole MA60, E3-AAV, by the Eritrean Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA). The announcement comes after talks between Xian Aircraft Company (Xi'an Yanliang) and Eritrean officials in Asmara in November which lead to the aircraft's type certification in the Horn of Africa country. With Beijing's attractive financing options and the possibility of a "buy two get one free" deal also available, the turboprop is gaining traction in Africa with its most recent order coming from an undisclosed buyer from Djibouti (believed to be the Force Aérienne Djiboutienne (Djibouti)) in September.