Israel OK’s Measures Aimed at Expelling African Migrants


Israel OK’s Measures Aimed at Expelling African Migrants

Press TV | Mon Nov 25, 2013 

The Israeli regime has approved measures aimed to expel thousands of undocumented African migrant workers living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
According to a statement issued by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office on Sunday, the measures include a harsh crackdown on employers of African workers. 

"The new decisions include combined actions designed to encourage illegal migrants to leave Israel and return to their countries of origin, increase personal security for residents of Israel and reduce the presence of migrants in city centres," Netanyahu's office said. 

Meanwhile, Israel’s interior ministry has also drafted a bill that would allow the regime to detain undocumented migrants for one year without trial. 

The new bill will be brought before parliament on Monday. 

A closed facility will serve as a detention center for migrants who manage to enter the occupied lands. 

Security teams, which deal with African refugees, will be increased by 550 new officers. 

Netanyahu has described the African immigrants as "illegal infiltrators flooding" Israel and threatening the security of Israel. 

Human rights groups say the majority of African migrants in Israel cannot be deported because of threats to their lives in their homeland. 

Over the past eight years, some 60,000 African migrants, mostly from Eritrea or Sudan, have entered Israel via Egypt. 

Israel has built a fence along the border with Egypt to prevent the influx of migrants. Last year, it offered cash to the migrants to leave voluntarily.