Eritrea’s Teklemariam Mehdin Wins 2nd Place in Spain’s 34th Alcobendas Race

Teklemariam Medhin2

Eritrea's Teklemariam Mehdin Wins 2nd Place in Spain's 34th Alcobendas Race

Alcobendas (Madrid) , Nov 24 (Reuters) -. Kenyan Emmanuel Bett closed with a sprint ahead of Teklemariam Mehdin of Eritrean. Ethiopian Sofia Assefa today signed her name in the history of the cross of the Constitution of Alcobendas 34th.

The Seville Antonio Jiménez Pentinel, sixth, and Madrid Diana Martin, third, were the best Spanish in a long tradition of African race, held on a cool, sunny day in the park of Andalucía .

Bett, with a personal best of 26:51.16 important 10,000 m on the track, pulled hard from the beginning and world champion cross, Japhet Korir, began to suffer. We waited a long ordeal hook because it came to the last turn and did not enter the fight for victory.

In a second group, Penti, who last year won the sixth in the same race, and Roberto Alaiz the honorary title of first Spanish were played in goal.The Seville, selected for the next European Belgrade repeated since 2012 in its eleventh participation in Alcobendas.

The Eritrean armed with Goitom Kifle in the lead, directed the actions overhead as the bell signaled the beginning of the last lap to "rompepiernas" Andalucía Park circuit.

The spurt of Kifle continued in the attack of fellow Teklemariam Mehdin, bronze at the World Cup. The Eritrean, however, could not let go Bett, who ultimately took advantage of the generous efforts of his opponent to beat him in the sprint.

The Ugandan Timothy Toroitich, fifth at the World Cross, Kifle snatched third place on the podium, and behind, Penti, with a change at 700 meters from the finish, won Alaiz pulse by the first Spanish plaza.

"I am looking forward with enthusiasm to do well in the European. Federation called me first to tell me that he would not, and then to tell me that yes, they had decided to go with full equipment. Do not understand. If you are the current champions Europe will we have to carry full team to defend the title? "he told EFE Penti.

For Seville, which is important in the European "have a compact action without gaps between the Spanish, because it is the best way to win the title."

The women's race for a distance of 7600 meters, was a monologue of Ethiopian Sofia Assefa, bronze medalist in both 3000m steeplechase at the Olympic Games in 2012 and the World Championships in Moscow, who went ahead from the first turn and won with 25:33.

Only Moroccan Malika Asahssah-resident Albacete – could follow the pace of the top Assefa, to be taken down midway while behind Madrid Diana Martin, progression, arrived in time to get the third place.

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– Men (9,500 meters)

.1. Emmanuel Bett (KEN) 28:00

.2. Teklemariam Mehdin (ERI) 28:01

.3. Timothy Toroitich (UGA) 28:11

.4. Goitom Kifle (ERI) 28:19

.5. Japhet Korir (KEN) 28:41

.6. Antonio Jiménez Penti ( ESP ) 29:20

.7. Roberto Alaiz (ESP) 29:28

.8. Jesus A. Núñez (ESP) 29:48

.9. Victor Corrales (ESP) 29:51

10. David Solis (ESP) 29:54


– Women (7600 meters)

.1. Sofia Assefa (ETI) 25:33

.2. Malika Asahssah (MAR) 26:41

.3. Diana Martin (ESP) 26:46

.4. Thick Elena (ESP) 26:50

.5. Iris Fuentes-Pila (ESP) 26:51

.6. Elmedi Saida (MAR) 26:53

.7. Dolores Checa (ESP) 27:00

.8. Teresa Urbina (ESP) 27:16

.9. Azucena Diaz (ESP) 27:21

10. Rehima Jewar (MAR) 27:21.