Boat with 254 Migrants Reaches Sicily

African Migrant boat

Boat with 254 Migrants Reaches Sicily

Among the total of 254 people 94 were children according to Italian Coast Guard.

Rome. – Accordingly, the completely overcrowded fishing boat was nearly 280 kilometers southeast of Sicily localized and accompanied by three Coast Guard vessels in the harbor of Syracuse. In the ship was reported to have already penetrated in rough seas water.

According to estimates by the UN refugee agency UNHCR met in this year already about 32,000 refugees in Italy and Malta. Many of them come from Eritrea, Somalia and Syria. Rome and Valletta demanding more support from other EU countries.

On 3 October at least 360 people from Africa died in an accident off Italy's Mediterranean island of Lampedusa died. Only 155 of the estimated 550 boat occupants were rescued. (Sda)

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