Eritrean Norwegian 23 Left a Wife and a Newborn to Fight a Jihad War in Syria

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Eritrean Norwegian 23 Left a Wife and a Newborn to Fight a Jihad War in Syria

How did 23-year-old's life from pike fishing to holy war

As a youth he loved pike fishing. Now he is fighting in Syria.

By kadafi Zaman |

According to the Police Security Service (PST) has at least 30 to 40 people traveled from Norway to fight in Syria. Now, TV2 tell the story of one of them, 23-year-old "Ali".

He came from Eritrea to Norway as an unaccompanied migrant on September 9th 2003. When he was only 13 years.

The first residence was a reception center just outside Oslo. After a short time he had a Norwegian foster family in Bærum. Tor Bach in the multicultural outdoor organization Wild X was often visited by Norwegian-Eritreans.

– I remember him as a happy, well-adjusted and securely boy who got along with everyone, says Bach.

23-year-old "Ali" came to Norway as an unaccompanied asylum seeker in 2003.23-year-old "Ali" came to Norway as an unaccompanied asylum seeker in 2003. © Private

He says that the boy was with several fishing trips arranged by leisure organization.

– We were ice fishing and pike fishing. He got one six-pound pike. He was brilliant bland and very proud to have received the pike is, says Bach.

– Talked about shooting Jews

For five years the boy lived with his Norwegian foster family. He played football and got good grades from high school.

TV 2 has spoken to several sources familiar with Norwegian-Eritreans. They will not stand up, but describes him as a dutiful and kind person.

In 2010 he worked as a nursing staff member at an institution in Bærum. He worked for a time as well as a student assistant at a school in Drammen.

Right after high school he moved to Volda to study.

According to TV2's sources, he changed himself after he left home. They say that he came back shortly with a more conservative approach to the religion of Islam.

Spring 2012 called Norwegian-Eritreans to Tor Bach and asked if he could take hunting test with three friends. Bach welcomed him, but said he was surprised when they met.

According to TV2's sources changed the 23-year-old "Ali" after he left home.According to TV2's sources changed the 23-year-old "Ali" after he left home. © Private

– I saw a completely different boy. Then I saw a guy with a long beard and angry eyes, and friends who talked about shooting Jews, says Bach.

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Radicalized in a short time

TV 2 is known that the three individuals Norwegian-Eritreans had with them are key figures in the extreme grouping Prophet's Ummah.

– They would have access to weapons and thought that hunting proficiency test course was a great way to arrange it. We managed to sabotage so that none of them had access to weapons, says Tor Bach.

From January 2011 to September 2012 worked the then 22 year old man as a parking guard in Oslo. During this period he also married a Norwegian-Eritrean woman.

According to TV2's sources were Norwegian-Eritreans radicalized within a very short time. He was greatly inspired by jihadist propaganda films from Syria.

In December 2012 left the 23-year-old Norway and headed for Syria. Back set one wife and one just a few weeks old baby.

Deleted Facebook account

For the first time tells the Police Security Service about how many people have traveled from Norway to fight in Syria.

– We assume that there may be between 30 and 40 people, but it is unrecorded and figures may be higher, says the PST-head Benedicte Bjørnland to TV 2

For ten months, the 23-year-old fought in Syria. TV2 know that he is alive and that he is in jihadistbrigaden, Kataib al-Muhajereen. It is associated with the so-called al-Nusret-front.

– We are seeing a worrying increase in traveling from Norway to conflict areas. Previously we have not seen so many go at once so adapted to the same place, says Bjørnland.

– Where do they travel?

– It is primarily Syria, says PST boss.

Norwegian-Eritreans deleted a short time ago his Facebook account and there is almost no trace of him on the internet. It has not succeeded TV 2 to get in touch with the man.

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