Embassy of Eritrea to Italy: Important Announcement ‘Lampedusa Victims’

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Embassy of Eritrea to Italy: Important Announcement ‘Lampedusa Victims’

Eritrean government has received a response from Italian officials to repatriate the bodies of the Lampedusa victims for funeral in Eritrea

After a week-long wait, the Italian government has finally responded positively to the Government of Eritrea's plea to bring the bodies of Lampadusa tragedy victims home for proper burial.

The government of Italy said that until the lengthy process of properly identifying bodies through DNA is completed, and for health reasons, it has been forced to move certain bodies to a temporary burial site.

The government of Eritrea on its part shared its concern that it has been a long wait for the families of the victims of this tragedy, and has asked for immediate transportation of the bodies that have already been identified, and again called for the speedy process of identifying the rest.

In addition, the government of Eritrea informed Italy that it has finalized all the necessary preparations and is waiting to assist families of the victims of human trafficking give loved ones a proper burial.

Embassy of The State of Eritrea 


Rome, Italy