Lampedusa the Tragedy – Amanuel Biedemariam

Lampedusa the Tragedy

Amanuel Biedemariam

This is a tragic event of gigantic magnitude. Condolences for all the families that lost loved once. Eritreans have been tried in this manner for decades. This however is a turning point in terms of placing Eritrea’s image-in-a-map in the way that the West sees Somalia or Nigeria. As Eritreans we understand the sad events that took place and our mourning will not be different. The perished life is dear and near to all of us.

However, Eritreans must not lose sight of what is important. Our goals and work must be directed at averting such a seen and heartache. The only way to do that is by focusing on each other and finding solutions consistent with our national aspirations. The greatest mistake we can make is to allow our emotions create a crack in the Eritrean unity that helped bring independence; it will be mistake to allow human traffickers and the like to take advantage. We must not give them chance to take political advantages at the expense of the perished. We need to take ownership and not allow the enemies to use this to gain advantages.

This is by far the greatest opportunity the enemies of Eritrea have had to destroy the name Eritrea deliberately in malice. If one thinks they are intending to better the lives of Eritreans ask the Libyans, Iraqis, and Somalis etc…

To be Eritrean is the greatest gift our heroes gave us paying with dear life. Eritrea is the most coveted nationality in Africa today precisely because of our strength. There were many nationalities in the boat. Yet, the only nation talked about is Eritrea. CNN did not mention any other country. Let us not forget that and maintain their legacy by stopping these tragedies. Let us look deep-inside and stand together to avert this tragedies.

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