Interview with Eritrean Professional Cyclist Natnael Berhane

Natnael Berhane 22

Distinguishing himself with the World Cycling Centre, Natnael Berhane was able to sign a contract with Team Europcar. The climber from Eritrea aged 22 has joined his fellow pros Daniel Teklehaimanot (Orica-GreenEdge). For directvelo, Natnael Berhane tells his new experience. Meeting. "My debut professionals are going very well. I take full eyes. I am delighted to be able to run for Europcar. It is a fascinating experience. I discover new things every day. I feel that I'm progressing quickly and I am very motivated to discover a lot of things in the coming months. "I knew it was possible" Running throughout the year in Europe, it is obviously a big change for me. I'm not used to that. It is not necessarily easy to live here, in France, a large part of the year, even though I am surrounded. I miss my family, but I know I have to go through it. If I want to grow and become a great runner, I have no choice. I am very proud to be one of the first African runners to go pro. Daniel Teklehaimanot me somehow shown the way forward. I knew it was possible. Now, this is a dream come true. "Conscious of having much luck" Daniel Teklehaimanot participation in the Tour of Spain last year was a great moment for our country. There is a budding romance between Eritrea and cycling and I am very proud to contribute. I am conscious of having much luck. Come to France, it is not at all easy for a runner Africa. Between money problems and especially visa, it is almost impossible to try his luck in Europe. I hope that this will change because many African runners dream can come and show what they are capable in European training. I believe it is the UCI to find solutions for the future.    "I convinced the leaders Europcar" Before wearing the colors of Team Europcar, so I could run to the World Centre Cycling and the Vendée U during an internship. I have great memories of these experiences. Previously, I was racing one after the other. Tour of Algeria, the Tour of Rwanda … I was presenting me with the ambition to win the overall, without necessarily projecting myself to longer term. However, once World Centre, I had only one idea in mind that turning pro. Jean-René Bernaudeau contacted me for the first time on Tropical Amissa Bongo 2011 after my stage victory. He quickly informed that I interested and he would give me my chance in 2013 if successful World Cycling Centre. This speech was very motivating and finally, we must believe that I managed to convince the leaders of Europcar. (Laughs) "A high level Mallorca" Back in Gabon for my debut in the pros, it was very special. I was so proud to be able to run the Tropical jersey with Europcar. Since then I have played several rounds of the Challenge Mallorca. The level was very high, but I'm pretty well out. I could take a glimpse on the Trophy Migjorn. It is always reassuring. Able to run with these guys that I watched on TV a few months ago, it sounds crazy.  "Haste to be in the Tour de Normandie" The hardest part for me is perhaps the climate. On a race like the Classic Southern Ardèche (47th Ed) for example, I suffered greatly. I really do not like these low temperatures and I look forward to summer. I will now go to the Classic Loire Atlantique and the Tour of Normandy, in order to continue my education there. I'm a real racer stage races. I improves over the course of days, and I therefore look forward to seeing what I can do on the Tour de Normandie. However, I approach these races without any pressure. As I have said Jean-René Bernaudeau, I'm still young and I have time to grow.  

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