Video: ERi-TV News ‘Zena’ (March 10, 2013)

Video: ERi-TV Eritrea News 'Zena' (March 10, 2013):


Preparations nearing completion to colorfully celebrate Silver Jubilee of the demise of Nadew Command

Afabet, 10 March 2013- Preparations to colorfully celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the demise of Nadew Command and liberation of Afabet town under the theme “Demise of Nadew Command: A Turning Point Feat” nearing completion.

Mr. Abdu Telke, Administrator of Afabet sub-zone, indicated that different programs are being prepared at a national, and sub-zone level to colorfully celebrate the occasion which has significant place in the history of Eritrean armed struggle for independence and that the inhabitants of the sub-zone have organized different committees to host their guests.

He further expressed that the activities include renovation and maintenance of roads, sports competitions, students’ shows, carnivals as well as building stages and commended the inhabitants of the sub-zone for their diligent participation.

Mr. Salih Belai, head of economic affairs of the sub-zone, on his part explained that the contents of the programs beyond celebrations are aimed at transferring for generations the heroism demonstrated by the liberation fighters.

Likewise Artist Yosuf Hamid indicated that traditional houses, dances, costumes as well as tradition of the society are to be staged in the form of carnivals and that the objective is to revive the traditions and mode of living of the society which are on the verge of distinction. (Shabait)

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