Video: Eritrea News ‘Zena’ (February 15, 2013)

Video: Eritrea Television (ERI-TV) Tigrinia News 'Zena':


Residents of Keren city express readiness to back up national development drive

Keren, 15 February 2013 – The residents of Keren city have expressed readiness to back up the national development drive. They made the pledge at a meeting they conducted with the Administrator of Anseba region, Mr. Gergis Girmai, during which they voiced satisfaction with social services.

The regional Administrator explained that the government has been making significant investment in the region as regards human resource development and education, and that accordingly a number of schools have been built in the region. He further indicated that endeavors are being made towards improving livelihood of the inhabitants, and lauded the role of community undertakings in putting in place educational facilities.

Moreover, Mr. Tekie Keleta, Mayor of Keren, pointed out that it is a timely responsibility for the citizenry to strive to bequeath national values to the young generation, and that the government is exerting stepped up efforts to this end. (Shabait)

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