Teklemariam Medhin Wins Gold in Spain’s Cross of San Sebastian Race


Teklemarian Medhin

New exhibition of Eritrean Medhin and fourth in the Alava Ivan Fernandez

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The Eritrean Teklemariam Medhin been shown to be well adapted to the circuit of international cross San Sebastián and this morning has achieved a final victory of repeating his 2009 triumph. The Ugandan Thomas Ayeko and Antonio Jiménez Sevilla Penti have joined on the podium by Eritrean. Huge fourth in the Alava Ivan Fernandez. In the women return to Ethiopia honors sixteen years later thanks to the powerful triumph of Sofia Assefa, with remarkable third place in the Spanish Diana Martin.

The first part of the test has been lovely. With extreme activity Sergio Sanchez Leon in the first few miles, Vitoria and Ivan Fernandez, pupil of Martin Fiz, in the 5km, even has to pull the Africans. Ivan curious tactic that has chosen to run on the outside of the circuit looking less muddy terrain.

The green shirt Alava lasted a few seconds in the lead. The blow of Teklemariam Medhin before crossing the seven kilometer has been brutal. Has surprised its rivals so that the Ugandan Thomas Ayeko when Hustler has already lost 20 meters.

The fight came another precious few meters further back for third place. How satisfied is one of the major players in the 80-90 years at this track, Martin Fiz, coach Ivan. The Vitoria stuck with Antonio Jimenez Penti Seville until the final kilometer. In the line of stands has been the strongest Andalusian obstaculista Basque. Anyway spectacular performance, ahead of Sergio Leon Sanchez, fifth.

With the triumph of Medhin, Eritrea and has four txapelas in Lasarte. Both of Tadesse in 2003 and 2006 and those of 2009 and today Medhin.

The last lap in the 10 km, the winner was from 31:58, ten seconds ahead of Ayeko, and 42 on Penti.


Category female

Three parties have had senior female race. First Portuguese control Clarisse Cruz. Second attempt to surprise a brave African women Diana Martin. And third, the final dry change of pace from the Ethiopian Sofia Assefa, with just two kilometers from the finish.

Sixteen years that Ethiopia took the women beret. The supercampeona Derartu Tulu won at the track in 1996 and 1997. A name that shines a brilliant record. But almost two decades fondistas light of this country have been giving to European brokers and other African countries.

Today, the powerful obstaculista Sofia Assefa, 25, a bronze at the Olympic Games in London has shown that it has a lot of quality. Control has left his rivals for four kilometers, and only when the Spanish saw Diana Martin gave a serious and put to the test arreón, decided he wanted a huge cup and that his country back to the history. It was two miles and then started the monologue.

Diana Martin has had a downturn that has taken the Kenyan Milcah Chemos to secure silver. Yes, the champion of Spain has achieved podium drawer, with a difference of 17 seconds on the Ethiopian Chaltu Waka. Lidia Rodriguez completed top honors with fifth place.

The advantage in goal between winning and Chemos was 14 seconds, with a final lap the 6.5 kms of 22 minutes 41 seconds to Assefa.


 Other races

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In youth, Santiago Vivanco and Izaro Telleria.

In cadet Garib Jimena Rahmi and Andrade. 

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