Video: Eritrea News (January 7, 2013)

Eritrea Television (ERI-TV) Tigrinia News:

The national development drive would gain momentum through popular participation, Say Assab residents

Assab, 7 January 2013 – The residents of the port city of Assab said that the national development drive would gain momentum thanks to the relentless participation of the people and EDF members. They expressed such spirit of resolve at a banquet they organized for Army members in the area in connection with New Year and Christmas.

The Administrator of the Southern Red Sea region, Mr. Ali Mahmoud, stated that the nation would attain all-round development through joint ventures on the part of the people and the Government. He further indicated that endeavors exerted in the region with a view to ensuring food security have resulted in gratifying outcome.

Similarly, the Commander of the Eastern Command, Maj. General Gerezgiher Andemariam, pointed out that the EDF forces are playing major role in the country’s development, and that the prevalence of harmony between them and the people is a national value to be bequeathed to the future generation. (Shabait)