Rizzoli Orthopedic Hospital Operates 50 children in Eritrea

Thursday, January 3, 2013


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BOLOGNA – There are 50 children Eritrean operated thanks to "walk together", the humanitarian project of pediatric orthopedic surgery promoted by Nullify the distance (Anladi) and Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna. In the fourth mission (completed in December 2012) the Italian medical team visited at the Halibet Hospital in Asmara (Eritrea) 130 children with severe deformities of the lower limbs.

"One of the major results of the first phase of the project 'walk together' is the rise in pediatric orthopedics Eritrea, until now virtually non-existent in the country," said Franco Riboldi, project manager health Anladi.Considering the previous missions Anladi, which is present in the Horn of Africa since 1997 , has been viewed about 600 children, of whom more than 200 operated for a total of 300 surgical procedures performed. The association is also active in Cambodia, Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Albania.

Among the objectives of the project 'walk together' there is also the training. Hospital Halibet (generalecon vocation orthopedic trauma) is a department of orthopedics with 34 beds , an operating room but only two experts in the field of orthopedics and traumatology of that. Across the country there are only 4 doctors specializing in orthopedics for a population of 4.5 million inhabitants that are primarily of trauma of war, neglecting for example the treatment of limb malformations in children. During the last mission was a new agreement with the Ministry of Health of Eritrea, was renewed the commitment by Nullify the distance and the Rizzoli Institute in the training of local doctors and nurses in surgical techniques correction of severe orthopedic deformities of childhood and implementation of new missions of pediatric surgery.

"The autonomy achieved by orthopedic Eritreans after the phase of field training with colleagues from the Rizzoli – continued Riboldi – is the greatest satisfaction to the association, which organized and supported the project, could aspire. " (Lp)

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