426 gift packages on the way to Eritrea

BERGKAMEN – 426 packages were sent today by the Martin Luther Church on the long trip to Eritrea. There are Christmas gifts for deaf children there.

to Keren

© Sarad

The Bergkamen helpers are happy to be able to send more than 400 pack on the trip.


The compound consists of the Evangelical Church of the Deaf Pastoral Circle in Unna.Twice a month to celebrate deaf people worship in sign language. They live in ecumenical connections. The para-church body is the Deaf Mission, which they regularly support the schools for the deaf in Keren and Asmara in Eritrea and Mwanga, Tanzania.

The packages were sent from all over Germany Oberaden where the collection was. Of course the room Bergkamen / Kamen and Dortmund is an important center of the action. From Bergkamen took part in the two elementary schools and school Jahn Prein school and day-care centers in the AWO Rünthe sunflower and Dreamland and the two Ev. Day care centers "Noah's Ark" and "Middle".

The orders will be handed over today to the Deacon Werner Steinle from Aschaffenburg. He was a former employee of an airline, the best connections and organize the transport. In Asmara gets headmaster Medhin Yohannes the packages from the school bus and distributes them to the two schools in cores and Asmara. As the Christmas party in Eritrea until 6 January is celebrated, there is reason to hope that the children will be brought promptly. – Red

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