Video: Abraham Afeworki Live in London 2005 – “Master of Stage”

When Abraham Afeworki died in 2006, many people send message's to Asmara to pay their final respects! Tens of thousands of ordinary Eritreans lined the streets and the radio station played the music of the late legend, "Master of Stage" for almost weeks.

Abraham was Eritrea's most successful musical export. His legacy lives on not merely in his own recorded output of some Tens albums and more than 82 self-composed songs, but also in the work of the hundreds of musicians he inspired! Most of the great names in Eritrea music at one time or another played with him. If there's one voice that encapsulates all that's best about Eritrea music, it's Abraham Afeworki – RIP!

Featuring Musicians – Isola Verde Band; Yared Tesfay (Saxophone) Walid Al-Shebany (keyboard) Luigi Primomo (Guitar) Federico Umberto (Bass) Helder Pack (Drums) Mama Di (Percussion) Awra Woldemicheal (Keyboard) Danat Solomon (Vocal)