Sophia Tesfamariam met the first lady Ms. Michelle Obama

She did it really !  Sophi met the first lady Ms. Michelle Obama

Sophia Tesfamariam met the first lady Ms. Michelle Obama on Friday 26 October 2012, San Diego, California. 

Sophia Tesfamariam told  … “ At the San Diego event in which I met Michele Obama, I shared with her the concerns of the Eritrean American Community. Also gave her a letter to give to her husband in which I addressed the illegal, unfair and unjust sanctions, the harassment of our communities by certain Woyane sponsored groups, Eritrea”s vital role in the region and a call for the US to engage constructively in the region. The first place to start being overhauling the racist incoherent policy for Africa that treats sovereign nations like colonies of the past. Anchor states such as Ethiopia serving like the colonial viceroys…”

“The credit goes to the gallant, proud and hardworking people and government of Eritrea who have enabled us to walk with our heads held high in dignity. The strength of the extraordinary and exemplary Eritrean Diaspora is finally being appreciated by all quarters.”

And she said also … “I did not do this alone. It is the vibrancy, perseverance and hard work of the entire Eritrean Diaspora that got their attention. The lies that they were being fed by the Eritrean Quislings League, Woyane and other anti-Eritrea elements are being exposed. If they are willing to listen and learn, we should take the opportunity to tell our side. We have remained silent for far too long…allowing un-elected sell outs and traitors to speak on our behalf…we are taking back our communities and rebuilding our image…”

Sophia T.