Video: Eritrea News (Sept 21, 2012)

Southern region on path of registering growth in vegetable and dairy production: Report

Debarwa, 21 September 2012 – The Administration of the Southern region indicated that a growing trend has been noticed as regards vegetable and dairy production. It made the statement at a meeting conducted with Area administrators, line ministries and the inhabitants of Debarwa town.

Mr. Mustafa Nur-Husein, the regional Administrator, explained that more than 14 million liters of milk could be produced this year in line with resort to the implementation of a program that encouraged households to own 2 cattle and cultivate green feed on one-tenth of their farmland. He further explained that the Administration is still reinforcing endeavors to boost dairy production both in quality and quantity.

Mr. Mustafa also underlined that it was possible to harvest 1,200,000 quintals of vegetables in line with the enriching of water resources following the construction of dams, and called on famers to adhere to prudent utilization of water resources.

The participants of the meeting lauded the government’s focus on the development of the agriculture sector and the endeavors it is exerting to improve the livelihood of citizens. (Shabait)