Central region Festival described vital in popularizing cultural values


Asmara, 30 August 2012 – Participants of the Central region Festival said that sub-zonal and Area administrations are playing vital role as regards popularizing cultural values. They further called on the pertinent bodies to step up efforts towards safeguarding and bequeathing such values like oral traditions that demand urgent priority.

Ms. Abadit Debas and Michael Mebrahtom indicated that the festival is a good opportunity to get familiarized with norms and traditions of the Eritrean society.

Ms. Banana Kubub from Tsetserat Administrative area pointed out that they have staged artistic works that depict the norm of sharing across Eritrean traditions.

Ms. Abeba Kidane, Ms. Asmeret Gebregziabher and Mr. Adam Gebre on their part expressed appreciation with the cultural shows being staged by youths, and called on them to enhance endeavors towards nurturing youths who uphold cultural values.