Horn of Africa Terrorist Meles Zenawi – Amanuel Biedemariam


Over the last 10 years since September 11, 2011, the War on Terror has dramatically changed its meaning particularly when the minority genocidal regime in Ethiopia, with the blessing and financing of the US, is manipulating, using and abusing it. For the minority regime of Meles Zenawi, terrorism and the war on terror has become a blessing giving him freedom to abuse the Ethiopian people and commit acts of aggression everywhere in the region in the name of fighting terror. In the past three years in particular, the extent to which Meles Zenawi has used terrorism in malice has become a shameful reminder of how flowed, misguided, brutal, inhuman and downright cruel Western policies are in the Horn of Africa. It is also a true reflection, how complicit Western-media and individuals that claim to be humanitarian are in pursuing these flawed policies.


On March 15, 2012, Ethiopia’s Indoctrination and Public Relation Center Head with the Defense Ministry, Col. Gebrekidan Gebremariam told journalists,


“Ethiopian defense force successfully annihilated the destructive force of the Eritrean government based in Ramid, Gelahben and Gembe areas which are close to the Ethiopian border. Ethiopian defense force would continue to take such measures until the Eritrean government and its mercenaries refrain from their subversive activities.”


With the statement above, the genocidal minority regime openly admitted that it committed acts of aggression, in other words, acts of terror on the people of Eritrea and boasted to the international community.  


The reality remains; the minority regime has over the last ten years flouted international laws by occupying sovereign Eritrean territories in violation of a treaty it signed. As a result, the people of Eritrea, Ethiopia and by extension the people of the region have been denied peace, denied opportunities to trade freely and for Ethiopians, it has been double whammy because, they have been subjected to high priced-scarce-commodities and, lost opportunities for employment as a result of this ill willed irresponsible actions.


The minority genocidal regime is a pariah of the people in the Horn of Africa without exception. The people of Gambella are being displaced from their homes in droves to accommodate millionaires in a land-grab that has become a daily global headline. Genocide-Watch has documented genocidal acts in Gambella and, the regime stands accused for crimes against humanity. The regime is accused by human rights organizations for genocide and massive displacement, torture, systemic suffocation of large populations in the Oganden. The people of Oromo have waged armed struggle for decades. The atrocities in all parts of Ethiopia are, well documented. In addition, Ethiopians are starving unnecessarily. Just in 2011 alone, the UN was seeking aid for over five million Ethiopians while the minority regime was purchasing arms and engaging in military adventures all over the region with no end in sight. What the genocidal minority regime of Meles Zenawi has done is on record and it is criminal by all standards.


However, this is exposing the hypocrisy, duplicity and complicity of Western nations, individuals that claim to be humanitarians like George Clooney and John Prendergast that are bolstering their celebrity status using select strategic African agendas. It also exposes western media and journalists that support Clooney and ilk. Ironically, it is all coming to play at once for the world to see.


In an article released by New York Times Feb.29, John Prendergast wrote,


“The existing peace effort between Sudan and South Sudan lacks leverage to compel the parties to consider reasonable proposals to deal with oil revenue and disputed border territories. To create leverage, a new core group (including China, Ethiopia, Turkey, the U.S. and a few other influential states) should be formed to provide high-level support to the current African Union/United Nations peace initiative. President Obama should quietly send a high-ranking official to Beijing to work out the terms of Sino-American cooperation.”


Prior to the splitting of South Sudan from Sudan, John Prendergast and George Clooney were hitting the talk show circuits selling Americans the panacea the referendum of South Sudan was. Today, the duo are hitting the circles one more time including a presidential visit, meetings with senators and Secretary Clinton in a high powered drama that included an arrest in front of the Sudanese Embassy.  


All good humanitarian deeds are welcome. However, these duos are politicians disguised as humanitarian that are cherry-picking issues of interest when it suits their agendas. In one hand, they want to help the South Sudan while on the other bolstering the minority regime for their agenda as highlighted by the quote. Ethiopia is important to Prendergast because it can help his South Sudan agenda in many ways. Hence, the criminal humanitarian violations of the minority regime, the human rights violations in the Oganden, Gambella, Afar and Oromia are overlooked. The bloodshed and atrocities Ethiopia keeps committing in Somalia means nothing. Ethiopia is a nation at war with itself and the region. And all these atrocities by Ethiopia are overlooked, because as Prendergast stated, Ethiopia is important. 


It is important to bring this in relation to the criminal Meles’s regime because overtime, what is becoming clearer to the people of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya and others in the Horn is that, when people like George Clooney and Prendergast talk humanitarian, there is nothing human about it. It is a process in pursuit of an agenda that works in concert with the State Department, the White House, US at the UN and, all the media outlets at their disposal including, Sunday talk-show circles. In less than a week-period, John Prendergast and George Clooney managed to meet all the people they need to meet, got-jailed and received unprecedented publicity for it; attended Sunday talk programs…Their actions received international and unchallenged coverage and, hailed as heroes. The media coverage was like clockwork.  


What this clearly shows is that the people in the Horn of Africa, no matter how many vigils they conduct, demonstrations and petitions they make, their effectiveness will be limited. Absent of George Clooney’s star power and influence, no cause stands a chance. Moreover, when the cause Africans are fighting for, like the one Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalis are fighting against the genocidal regime clashes with that of George Clooney and John Prendergast; there is nowhere left but to pray to the almighty God to give you power for a fighting chance.


The people in the Horn of Africa are good people yearning for peace, stability, decent-education for their kids, development and employment. In short, they are fighting for a future with decent standard of living. They want to join the international community but not as terrorists, warmongering-clans, tribal-ethnic groups, feuding parties and religious extremists.


However, the ethnic minority genocidal regime of Meles Zenawi is portraying every Ethiopian opposition, ethnic-groups fighting the regime, Eritrea, the Somalis, human rights activists, journalists as terrorists in an effort to remain in power, unchallenged.


In 2011, the genocidal regime sentenced many Ethiopians in the Diaspora for terrorism in absentia. These are upstanding citizens gainfully employed as professionals in many areas. There are professors, media people, activists etc… In the same manner, Meles has listed Eritreans and Somalis. 


This short sighted-irresponsible act will blemish the outstanding communities that have-had stellar reputation in the West for decades. He is stigmatizing adored and respected Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali communities with lies, in malice. For example, Ethiopian restaurants are very popular in the metro DC area; why infuse an image to tarnish it. Because once stigmatized, it will be extremely difficult to change that image.


And worse, that is how international media portrays the Horn of Africa. It falls within the geopolitical objectives of the West that tries to portray the region as hungry, poor and war ravaged when the area is rich with resources in one of the strategic focal locations in the world. It is also a region full of culture traditions, customs and history. The people of the region are very experienced as documented in religious history.


So, when the genocidal minority regime announced it committed its terrorist act on sovereign Eritrean soil, nearly every newspaper wrote the same story with almost identical verbiage. It regurgitated what the genocidal regime claimed and added these are poor countries, which have been at war for decades…


These are stories that presented little or no information about the intricacies of the matter and US involvement in the region. It talks nothing about the genocidal record of the regime. It simply accepted the news and relayed them as is. The reason for that are these newspapers and media outlets, do not care about the issues they report on. If you ask any one reporter, do you care; or ask, them how much effort they put on the report, they will have to say no and none!  They are not invested on the stories; they just copy each other, report the same story that reaches millions, and misinform the public while pushing agendas.



The recent bellicose terrorist act of the genocidal regime in Ethiopia is clear evidence that showed the world that the real terrorist of the Horn of Africa is Meles Zenawi. The genocidal regime openly admitted to the world that it committed a terrorist act on the people of Eritrea and bragged about it. And the very people that convicted Eritrea for a “conflict” with Djibouti (the US) without any due process while Eritrea was contesting their claim are mum when the mercenary genocidal regime is openly admitting of terrorist act against the people of Eritrea.


The people in the Horn of Africa have long known who the real terrorist of the region is. They also know why the criminal regime is doing it with impunity. The minority regime is fully supported by the US and Western nations with a green light to do anything. However, as time goes on, it is becoming clearer that the actions of the regime have made Ethiopia a frail country and in the near future, the frailty will show itself.


Hence, it is time for the US and others to make a choice and the choice is clear; is it the election-rigging genocidal Meles Zenawi or, the people of Ethiopia and by extension the stability of the region. The US has been dumping billions of dollars at the expense of the people of Ethiopia and the region in support of this criminal regime. It is sad to see an administration that came to office with promise of change deliver change for the worse.  


The people of Eritrea have shown tremendous wisdom by opting to not react since they know the bellicosity is entrapment that will give the regime a lifeline that it is desperate for. This belligerent bellicose action is also a signal to all peace loving people of the Horn to come together to oust the criminal TPLF regime in order to start fresh. Since its actions are evidence of desperation and proud-cry for help. And it is up to all of the people in the Horn since there will be no Hollywood star-power-support to save them from eminent chaos if they do not!


Amanuel Biedemariam

[email protected]