Tesfom Okubamariam wins fourth stage cycling Tour of Algeria 2012



ORAN – Eritrean rider Tefsom Okubamariam Issak Tuesday won the fourth stage of the Cycling Tour of Algeria 2012, run between the city center of Oran and Mount Santa Cruz, over a distance of 138km. Tefsom Okubamariam Issak finished in 3 hours 27 min 38 sec, followed by Algeria’s Hichem Chaabane (Sovac Velo Club) in 3:27.42 and Eritrean Natnael Berhane Teweldemedhin.


The Eritrean Berhane Natnael Tuesday endorsed the yellow jersey of the Tour of Algeria in 2012, after the fourth stage, won by his compatriot Tesfom Okubamariam, on the heights of Mount Santa Cruz in Oran.


The Eritrean Berhane Natnael Tuesday endorsed the yellow jersey of the Tour of Algeria in 2012, after the fourth stage, won by his compatriot Tesfom Okubamariam, on the heights of Mount Santa Cruz in Oran. Over a distance of 138 km, the Eritrean Tesfom Okubamariam has clocked 3:27 '38 front of the Algerian Velo Club Sovac, Shaaban Hichem (3h27.42) and the Eritrean Berhane Natnael (3h28.41) . Berhane Natnael, ranked third in the 2011 TAC, made ​​the shot twice by taking the yellow jersey of the Tour and the white jersey of best hope, while the green jersey is the property of the Spaniard Joaquin Sobrino. The polka dot jersey of best climber, has returned to the Eritrean Tesfom Okubamariam. The suitors were many to succeed the Spaniard Joaquin Sobrino, who won the yellow jersey the day before, but finally the Eritrean Berhane Natnael, reigning African champions, who seized this distinction after having shown his abilities when the climber of the last climb of Santa Cruz. The beginning of this stage, rigorous climb of the second and third categories, was marked by numerous attempts to attack, triggered by the Moroccan runners, prominent during this stage that will remain etched forever in the annals of the towers international cyclists, given the extraordinary landscape that characterizes this region of the country. 
Located 17 kilometers from the starting line, ten riders pass the first real breakaway of the day, including the Algerian Azzedine Laagab, yellow jersey holder of the TAC in 2011. They were caught at km 46 of the peloton by riders who were driving at high speed (56 km / h). From 63 km (Bouzdjar), escapements were increasing at the platoon level, especially with the Algerian Laagab Azzedine, who has attacked many at this stage, played amidst a magical landscape, squeezed between the sea and mountain. At the foot of the rise of Ain ​​El Karma (80 km), the pack has totally exploded and signs of fatigue appear on the faces of the riders of the caravan which split into small groups of three to ten riders. 
Race , characterized by a favorable wind, was ignited at the exit of Andalusia, on the sudden acceleration of two runners, including the Algerian Hichem Shaaban and the Eritrean Tesfom Okubamariam, winner of the stage. Both runners were all climbing the Santa Cruz, reaching up to four minutes apart. Less than two kilometers from the finish, the Eritrean Berhane Natnael launches an attack on the nose and beard teammates who could not follow him. He then managed to take 27 seconds over the Spaniard Joaquin Sobrino, and become, at the same time, the yellow jersey of the Tour 2012.

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The sprinter Reguigui Algeria Youcef has not presented Tuesday at the start of the fourth stage, the day after his fall that forced him to retire.            While testing: The majority of runners who participated in the Tour of Algeria 2012 were unanimous in saying that the rise of Santa Cruz was very difficult. "This stage of the Tour has shown us the beauty of your country, but for me the main thing is to have succeeded in crossing the finish line without incident," said the Spaniard Joaquin Sobrino ..    Guests: The Director General of the International Cycling Union (UCI), Jean-Pierre Strebel, was the guest of honor at the fourth stage of the Tour of Algeria in 2012, fought between Oran and Mount Santa Cruz. At the end of the stage, Jean-Pierre Strebel was simply "amazed" by the beauty of the city of Oran and its coastline (beach Madagh, Andalusians, Ain Turk and Mount Santa Cruz).      Enthusiasm:The Tower in Algeria in 2012 has generated unprecedented interest among schoolchildren of Commons included on the route of the Tour, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the passage of the caravan, consisting of nearly 500 people and a convoy of vehicles for advertising. .      Sponsorship: The equipment used by the main sponsors of the Tour 2012, is truly a "circus" where you have walking every day up and dismantle all installations of arrival and departure.

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