Qatar Agrees to Finance the Common Area on Sudanese-Eritrean Border



Sudan Vision

Khartoum – Governor of Kassala, Mohammad Yousif Adam announced Tuesday that Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani agreed to finance the common area, free and industrial, at the Sudanese area of Awad and Adebrah of Eritrea.
The Governor described the visit as success, which will have positive returns in a press conference he held to enlighten his visit to the State of Qatar.
He said the visit came as part of strengthening the Sudanese-Qatari relations, explaining that the meeting with the Emir of Qatar discussed several issues of concern to the state, especially in the aspects of the projects, pointing out that arrangements have been done for the establishment of the common area as an agreement between the Government of Sudan and Eritrea under the auspices of Presidents of both countries.
The Governor indicated to the positive effects of the common area, especially trade, emphasizing the stability of the security situation in the state and free from any threats, adding that the attention to the security is a priority in the state and is considered one of the guarantees for the success of the investment, adding that there is a security coordination with the State of Eritrea.
Adam said that follow up committees were formed on the level of the Sudanese Embassy in Qatar and his state to arrange the projects, adding that the state has allocated an area for the common area, besides coordination with the State of Eritrea on this regard.
He said that they held a number of meetings, during the visit, with Qatari companies and the Sudanese community.