The Government of Regional National State of Tigray (GRNST)

By Amanuel Biedemariam

The unofficial official voice or website of TPLF/Greater Tigray or Abbay Tigray, Aigaforum, posted a notice from the Public Relation and Government Bureau. I found the piece interesting for many reasons.  But, there are three that I think people need to note, at least for their peculiarity. 


The first thing that jumped out was the header The Government of Regional National State of Tigray (GRNST). This raises many questions. What is the reasoning behind combining the words Government, Regional, National and State? Why not call it the State of Tigray? Or as is customary for the Amhara Kilil and others, why not call it Tigray Regional (Kilil) administration?  Why call it a National government? Why call it a government?  Then again why does Tigray need a Public Relation and Government Bureau? Is it a PR for government? Or is it just a name of a government organ? But why repeat the words government and national? 


The second reason; while the letter acknowledges Ethiopians in passing, it is written in Tigrignya that many Ethiopians could not understand. So, why not write a letter in Amharic and English as well? What is the reason behind doing that? Were the musicians representing Tigray only? The questions are many. 


The third reason; what is the main objective of the letter? Why now, after a good amount of time passed since the death of the musicians? These questions are questions that make you go ehm…         


This is a true reminder of what Ethiopians are dealing with, duplicity. This is what is called chewing with both sides of the mouth with a mouth full of food on both sides ready to pop out of the chcks cheeks. It is underhanded call or a plea for Tigrayans. It is a call for uniting Tigrayans. This is a coded message designed to satisfy those with Abbay Tigray aspirations that have been disillusioned and sidelined by Meles. It is a move by the Tigray Govenemnt PR Bureau. It is a PR move to try to recapture a lost constituency by using patriotic dead musicians. 


This was also an introduction of Tigray as government and as a nation. It is a PR move by the “Public Relation and Government Bureau” to introduce Tigray as a Government, as a Nation and or a State. They put it all out there. One can have his or her pick of what to call Tigray be it a State, Government, Region or a nation. All the words that define Tigray are there.     



Never in history have we seen a governing body reluctantly leading a country with competing agendas of equal sovereignty in this case Tigray and Ethiopia simultaneously. It is also ironic for Ethiopian opposition leaders to have to grapple with this sensitive issue while condemning this isolationist agenda and at the same time retaining the nationalist camp. In the long run however, this will prove to be deadly for the people of Tigray because they will carry a bull’s eye by everyone from Somalia, Ogaden, Oromo, Amhara, Gambella, Anuak and Afar…

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