News Dec 8, 2011 | Reversing challenges into opportunities

Asmara, 8 December 2011- In continuation of sanctions resolution No. 1907 against Eritrea in 2009, once again an additional sanction No. 2023 was adopted last Monday, December 5, at the behest of the US.

In the face of the unjust and illegal sanctions resolution, the Eritrean people as in the past will emerge triumphant, reassured Eritreans inside the country and abroad.

The citizens who told Erina in person and through telephone  said that they are not surprised because the hostility of the US Administration against Eritrea has counted over 60 years, and reaffirmed: “The Eritrean people who emerged victorious during trying times in the past believing in themselves will once again come out triumphant without being deterred from the chosen  path of development.”

Ms. LemlemBerhe:
It is not the first time that the US has adopted sanctions against us. Even during our struggle for independence it had sanctioned us. We don’t lament of that. We don’t bother for we have paid our life and the lives of our children and our brothers and sisters. We have to go forward with our development endeavors irrespective of sanctions of the US and others against us. Expecting alms is meaningless. We don’t put the sanctions of US against us into our minds; we only concentrate on our development endeavors and our unity. We will work hard and develop. We have to go forward united. We have to go as one people and work in unison.

They are shocked with what we have achieved during the short period since independence despite the problems and hostilities they have been creating. This ploy only emanates from the desperate notion of ‘We have to crush before they put their heads high’.
Kedija Ahmed

Ahmed Abdu: Washington’s repeated acts of animosity against Eritrean people emanate from apprehension of bad example of good example: our history is a vivid testimony of overcoming any challenge through firm unity.

Alazar Abraham from Oakland (USA), Alem Zemo and Kedija Ahmed from Sweden: The Eritrean people achieved independence through thwarting enemy acts of hostility thanks to their steadfastness and spirit of sacrifice: they further underscored that the sanctions would but only strengthen their rebuff.
Thomas Keneally

Thomas Keneally, author of the book titled “Schindler’s List”, from Australia:  For the west, Africa is their playground and they want it to remain as it is while relying on their alms for its survival. If the rest of Africa starts to emulate the Eritrean principle, it will be too good for them but not for the masters of doom and gloom – the west. So they will do all they could to ridicule and cripple the idea from the very beginning. They want Eritrea to be a lesson for those who wants to pursue the principle of self-reliance and for that they have to make sure that Eritrea has to fail even if it means propping up a neighboring country in order to wage war on them while as usual provide all the political and military support and as we are witnessing today, to make up a lie and sanction them. That’s exactly what is happening to Eritrea right now. (Shabait)