Azarya Weldemariam and team win Dolomite Man 2011

Dolomite Man 2011

By Gerhard Pirkner, Saturday 10 September 2011

Kolland Topsport and Alpine Pro on the courts at the extreme competition in Lienz.

The victorious team of "Robot Units" with mountain runners Azarya Weldemariam (Eritrea) paragliders Markus Prantl (Italy), canoeist Gerhard Schmid (Austria) and mountain bikers Hannes Pallhuber (Italy) Photo: EXPA / J. Groder

First of all: the Dolomite Man 2011 underlined on 10 September once again the exceptional quality of this legendary extreme sports events. Though hundreds are sometimes spectacular and extremely difficult competitions annually worldwide over the stage, the relay will remain around the city in a class by himself Dolomite.

The staging, the scenery, the genius of the track layout and the mix of sports are second to none. Then even if the weather cooperates – and even that is almost always perfect – it is a tough race for social and sporting event with goose bumps.

Inconceivable 1:24:31 Azarya Weldemariam from Eritrea on the main square of Lienz 2441 meters above sea level near the cabbage Kühbodentörl needed. His team – Robotunits – gave the lead to the goal from no more.

Crowd favorite and course record holder Jonathan Wyatt reached Törl year in second with about two minutes behind. His Kolland Topsport team was in the final in second place.

The runners, Kolland Topsport Kleine Ztg with mountain runners Jonathan Wyatt (NZL), paragliders Christian Amon (AUT), Luke Kubrican canoeist (CZE) and mountain biker Johnny Cattaneo (ITA) Photo: J. Groder EXPA

In the battle for 3rd place, dueled Kolland the second-and the collective force of Alpine Pro, which was allowed to climb on the podium at the end.

Result Dolomite Man 2011:

The winning team from the Dolomite Man 2011:
Azarya Weldemariam (mountain runners, Eritrea)
Markus Prantl (paraglider, South Tyrol)
, Gerhard Schmid (canoeist, Austria)
Hannes Pallhuber (mountain, South Tyrol)

Other finishers:

2nd Kolland Topsport Kleine Ztg
third Alpine Pro
4th Victor Chandler International Kolland
5th International Bulls


Moment of Triumph! Mountain biker Markus Pallhuber is on target. He is one of the Dolomites men 2011th


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