Yosef Wolde-Mariam’s Madcon makes great success in Germany

 – We can do 40 interviews in one day

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– In Germany, the real superstar culture. People screaming for the German stars on the street, said Yosef Wolde-Mariam.

The successful boys Madcon, Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam is in good the road to stardom in the German Empire.

Super hit song "Glow" has sold 460,000 copies outrageous and 2011 tour "Glow Tour 'is already sold out.

40 interviews in one day

– In Norway, you can be known without being a superstar. It's cool, says Yosef, who like to walk around in Oslo's streets without getting too much attention.

On the streets of Germany experienced boys Madcon people screaming for those on the street. But it's not like they need bodyguards – yet.

Moreover, not Madcon-boys as much time to wander the streets in Germany. The Germans are in fact extremely efficient, which spills over to Yosef and Tshawe.

– In Norway, it is like that sometimes pops up a little late and sometimes a little early. Here is our program calculated down to seconds. We can do 40 interviews in one day, says Yosef.

This Woman and outings

It is good to come home to Norway and the everyday life of changing diapers and trolley tours.

Yosef said that star factor has never been important to him, while he are extremely pleased that he has had the opportunity to live life star.

According to Yosef's success in Germany just the beginning. He expects a ring effect.

– It's like throwing slipped. You know, when you throw a small, flat stone along the water's surface so that it pops up in several jumps and creates rings in the water. Germany is only the first ring, he says.


– I feel semi-German

Yosef and Tshawe, according to them, have been exceptionally received in Germany. Super hit song "Glow" is still in the top 40 list, and a half years after the was released. But success requires more time than the boys had expected.

– We are considering acquiring a place to stay in Germany, said Yosef, adding that he makes the career demands of him.

So far the boys commuting between Oslo and Germany.

– I feel a little semi-German, says Yosef.


Gold in U.S.

Perhaps it is not long to Yosef and Tshawe may feel more like semiamerikanere.

Recently, the "Begin" selected as the leitmotif of the hit movie "Bad Teacher", which was fronted by actors Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. This led to a regained interest in the track in a number of territories, particularly in the U.S. where the "Begin" took off the charts and now passed the 500,000 sold and gold status.

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