Djibouti President's Trip to Eritrea during Sudan Peace Signing Ceremony

Djibouti President’s Trip to Eritrea during Sudan Peace Signing Ceremony 

Press Release: Statement on US Allegations
By Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jun 12, 2008, 14:28                        

The US State Department has issued a statement today, maliciously accusing Eritrea of committing “military aggression against Djibouti.” This statement is neither new nor surprising.
As part and parcel of her routine vilification campaign against Eritrea, US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa claimed, on May 12 last month, that “Eritrea had made an incursion into Djibouti.”
It is unfortunate that the US Administration is currently embroiled in instigating, compounding and inflaming regional conflicts with the purpose of creating turmoil as an excuse for “managing the ensuing crisis.”
Indeed, the sad and well-known fact is that US policy and meddling in our region – starting from the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia to the situations in the Sudan, Kenya and Somalia – is contributing to the proliferation and aggravation of crises. Consequently, the resolution of problems has become elusive and the stability of our region undermined.
In the event, the baseless and mendacious statement that the US State Department issued today cannot be seen outside the context of the unconstructive practices described above.
The Government of Eritrea rejects, as always, this stance in letter and spirit.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
12 June 2008

The Bush administration’s preparation to attack Eritrea is in full swing

By Alekulki

June 17, 2008

The Bush administration’s track record conveys a pattern of failed policies in order to cover-up for previous failures.  The US abated invasion and occupation of Somalia by Woyane troops, which was based on distorted facts and false assumptions, was carried out by utilizing a well organized and financed media campaign, to justify an invasion.  What is now in the 18th month of this brutal occupation has earned Somalia the title of Africa’s Iraq. Eritrea vehemently opposed this invasion, and urged the US to consider a softer and inclusive approach, instead of choosing to use a cook-book method of molding a unique situation, to fit their narrow perspective. Eritrea’s genuine stance to speak for the suffering Somalis runs counter to the failed policies of the current administration in Washington.

This administration’s frustration grows as their regional ally (the dictatorial regime of Zenawi) faces strong resistance from the Somali people, as well as the internal resistance facing this minority regime all over Ethiopia. The US administration made no secret when it chose to use the currently in power, unpopular Woyane regime of Ethiopia, as its ally and regional partner to exert its own foreign policy in the horn. This same minority regime in Addis (accused of genocide, torture, rape, ethnic -cleansing, etc.) is being used as a channel for exercising the Bush Administration’s failed policies in the horn. Failure to force the minority regime to accept the verdict and demarcate the Eritrean-Ethiopian border rests solely on the shoulders of officials of the SD.  Consequently, atrocities committed by this military junta are ignored by the US Administration – a payback for its services to the whims of the SD.  It is in the best interest of the Bush Administration to keep the regime in power, as well as a power in the region and maintain its superiority in the horn. Ironically, regardless of the economic embargo and the no-war, no -peace footing, Eritrea is emerging as a power in the horn, and an influential regional player. Eritrea has brought peace to the war-ravaged East Sudan, by hosting and witnessing the peace agreement between GOS and Eastern rebels.  It has gained notorious recognition for its endeavor to find lasting solutions to our war-torn region.

Eritrea’s growing clout threatens the Woyane regime, and subsequently undermines the US administration’s influence in the horn. Eritrea has made it clear; it will not be a tool for foreign interference in our region. This causes alarm for the US administration since it directly threatens their interests for the horn. This administration would like to keep the Woyane regime in power, with a weaker Eritrea and a stronger Ethiopia in mind. The past tireless efforts of the US administration, alongside the regime in Addis, to tarnish, vilify, and demean Eritrea are not new to anyone. Eritrea has been targeted by the US and has been under constant barrage of coordinated negative media, meant to weaken its leadership and the people.  A threat to designate Eritrea as a state sponsor of terror, made by Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendaye Frasier last year, has now disappeared, changed tone and is morphed in to another defunct accusation: ‘source of regional instability’.  The failure to show evidence of their first claim has forced the administration to change tactics. The latest claim is now a new pretext on which an attack on Eritrea can be fermented.

Eritrea has successfully mended ties with Sudan, and the border with Ethiopia and Yemen is clearly delineated. The Djibouti border is the only window of opportunity for any ill wishers to instigate and enflame a conflict against Eritrea. Djibouti being a close ally of the US and France, where it hosts troops from both countries on its soil, comes as a very useful pawn in the US administration’s ploy to weaken Eritrea and punish it for its consistent stand in the Somalia question.  The US administration’s efforts to pressure Eritrea to capitulate and drop its forward- looking policies have been unsuccessful. Therefore, an attack on Eritrea, under the guise of ‘defending’ Djibouti, is a developing plan that is in the works with the help of the CIA and a well lubed media campaign.  This is a desperate attempt to rescue the Zenawi regime from its debacle and maintain its regional influence at the same time. Djibouti is now the new tool of the Bush administration, where a similar case to justify Iraq’s invasion is concocted.  In order to invade Iraq, the WMD fallacy was fed to the world; in the horn, the disinformation is Eritrean troops would invade Djibouti, hence justifying a lending hand to ‘defend’ the said aggression on Djibouti.

The attack seems imminent, and the dangers it would bring to the horn is tremendous. The Woyane junta has proven its wreck less behavior when it launched an invasion on Eritrea under the guise of a border skirmish.  Judging by the distinct pattern of the US administration, there is no doubt the Djibouti-Eritrean border skirmish fabrication is a ploy to attack Eritrea – an attempt to weaken its influence in the horn so that there is no threat to the mercenary regime in Addis, and that its unmolested stay in power is guaranteed.

These non-existent border skirmishes are fabricated by the Djiboutian government, and echoed by the media. The nature of the so-called “border skirmish”, between Djibouti and Eritrea, has changed context and reasoning over the last weeks. The Djiboutian government has made a fool of itself by choosing to serve as a pawn to the orders of the State Department.  


Eritrea: The only Independent Nation in Africa

By Wedi Asmera

June 16, 2008

Why does the Bush administration scream about needing democracy to be implemented in Eritrea, as if casting the ballet for another leader is the magic wand to solve Eritrean issues that stems from being developing country in Africa? For a nation that screams democracy to this extent, how is it possible after hundreds of years of “democracy” in America, that the White House has remained a whites only house this very day? Never in history has one empire become the prosecutor, judge and police of the World –Yet here we are, sitting idle and watching one police officer dishing out all the rules and regulations of this World and those who dare to oppose are chastised as “rouge regimes”. How can they wish to fulfill the role of the ‘fair’ self proclaimed World’s police, when they refuse to allow anyone to police this police? So now as I read western news sources of speculating skirmishes between Djiboutian male nurses in uniforms and Warsay-Yikaelos, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Isaias clearly said we decline to be invited into crises created by the US. True to his prediction, the L’oreal perfume abusing French soldiers are now face to face with Eritrean soldiers — Reasons why u may ask? “Because we’re worth it (pun so intended). — Eritrea is the only nation the Bush Administration has no influence on in Africa. This is seen as a threat, for empires are built on yes men and puppets — if one dares to say no, he shall be put in check. One way and the cheapest way of putting a nation in check is through propaganda. Western media outlets have done a fantastic job in distorting truth from reality, besides, it’s Africa, who really cares right?  It’s commonly believed Mark Twain once said a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” — This quote still holds true this very day, even for this quote, Mark Twain was not the person to come up with it, but the lies traveled across the globe, so much so, that he is now the beneficiary of this time tested quote. Here are examples of western media outlets willingly or unwillingly holding truth hostage for American imperialism, at the expense of truth and African lives.
——————————As you guys may know, not a single Eritrean soldier was ever found in Somalia, but a few years ago, these soldiers were on every western sources.  

“Ethiopia’s longtime rival, Eritrea, had troops in the country for about four months prior to that. A confidential UN report drafted by the Monitoring Group on Somalia in late 2006 says that “2000 fully equipped combat troops from Eritrea” arrived to the north of Mogadishu in late August, and redeployed to different areas held by the ICU. According to high-level sources in Somalia’s transitional government and U.S. intelligence”

Here’s a hilarious United Nations report that said Sunni Somalii fighters were helping the Shiite Hezbollah fighters against Israel. This would be funny, but truth is a close friend of mines and I would never laugh at a friends’ pain 
Published: November 15, 2006
UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 14 — More than 700 Islamic militants from Somalia traveled to Lebanon in July to fight alongside Hezbollah in its war against Israel, a United Nations report says.The militia in Lebanon returned the favor by providing training and — through its patrons Iran and Syria — weapons to the Islamic alliance struggling for control of Somalia, it adds. 
The report, which was disclosed by Reuters on Monday, appears to be the first indication that foreign fighters assisted Hezbollah during the 34-day conflict, when Israel maintained a tight blockade on Lebanon. 

The report also says Iran sought to trade arms for uranium from Somalia to further its nuclear ambitions, though it does not say whether Iran succeeded.”SOURCE:”






Isaias Afewerki told the World in the December of 2006, that [quote]
The Invasion of Somalia was a plan initiated by the Washington administration, through its puppet regime in Ethiopia
“I recall a lot of media outlets thought Isaias was a fool…some even went as far as to title their articles with this low level journalism of “Humiliated Eritrea blames US for Somali war” (Source: ) – 
Then, channel 4 news confirmed what Isaias said all along and the only humiliated folks left were the condems involved in covering American imperialism, at the expense of innocent African lives.
 You can read of how the invasion of Somalia was planned out months in advance by CIA agencies, through their mercenary puppet regime in Ethiopia.

Preparations for the present Somali war began this summer when the UIC took control of Mogadishu. As the UIC rapidly extended its control over the rest of the country, the US began to work covertly through private military contractors to re-establish itself in Somalia. Emails leaked to the Observer and Africa Confidential in June this year revealed that Select Armor, ATS Worldwide and Special Associated Services—private mercenary corporations—had met with the CIA to discuss operations in Somalia. They were assisting Ethiopian forces in the defence of the TFG in Baidoa.

One email claimed to have United Nations agencies “on-side.” UN personnel in Nairobi are said to have been told that the mercenary operation had full US backing. The UN certainly did not raise any objections to either Ethiopia’s or the mercenaries’ presence in Somalia, despite the fact that this intervention was in breach of a UN arms embargo. Its silence is evidence of its complicity in the war that is now unfolding.

The latest phase of the operation was likely discussed during the visit earlier this month of General John P. Abizaid, commander of the US Central Command (Centcom), to Ethiopia. According to the New York Times, Zenawi assured Abizaid that Ethiopia could cripple the Islamist forces “in one to two weeks.”

Abizaid was well aware that an Ethiopian invasion would “create a humanitarian crisis across the Horn of Africa” according to Centcom officials. US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Frazer has also admitted, “If this thing goes to a military fight, it’s a bloodbath.”

Eritrea stated in 2005 that the US wishes to undue the “final and binding” agreement both Eritrea and Ethiopia signed over Badme, which is an Eritrean town being occupied by Ethiopia, with covert US assistance.
Every western annalist and pundit reported to western journalist that it was Eritrea refusing talks to start the process of demarcation of the border, suggesting Isaias was some how using this drama to remain in power. This lie became the truth uptill truth finally surpassed the lie in the final lap when U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton once more confirmed Eritrea’s prophecies, when he let the cat out the bag and said exactly what Eritrea said.
“In his recently published memoir – “Surrender Is Not An Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad” (Threshold Editions) – former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton states that in February 2006, Jendayi Frazer, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs informed him that she wanted him to “reopen” the 2002 EEBC decision (Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission).

Bolton describes his surprise at Frazer’s position, because in January 2006, he had gotten the Security Council to agree to a Frazer-led “U.S. initiative” on the border issue. Bolton believed that the “Initiative” would focus solely on the expeditious implementation of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s (EEBC) Final and Binding decision delivered on 13 April 2002. 

He was in for a surprise. Here is what he wrote on the now infamous Page 347: “For reasons I never understood Frazer reversed course, and asked in early February to reopen the 2002 decision, which she had concluded was wrong, and award a major piece of disputed territory to Ethiopia. I was at a loss how to explain that to the Security Council, so I didn’t.”

Source: Surrender Is Not An Option

Then sticking to Western intelligence and subsequent mass reporting of their word by the media, here’s something that every news media played out 2 years ago. Again, not a single Eritrean soldier was ever found in Somalia, yet by from the reporting of the New York Times and other western sources, you would certainly swear on ur life that Eritreans were there.

“Western intelligence officials said soldiers from Eritrea were furiously distributing antiaircraft missiles to the Islamists, and residents in Mogadishu said they had already heard them being test fired. According to United Nations officials, thousands of fighters from Eritrea, Yemen, Syria and Libya have streamed into Somalia to wage a holy war against Ethiopia, a country with a long Christian history that today is about half Muslim.

Ethiopia and Eritrea are bitter enemies, having recently fought a costly border war that is still unresolved.

On Tuesday, Mr. Meles said, “The only forces we are pursuing are Eritreans who are hiding behind the skirts of Somali women.” (lol-as if that’s a bad place to be you bald headed skip-chip queer)

Then, Eritrea said, Ethiopia was preparing to use fake I.D’s of Eritreans who once lived in Ethiopia as “soldiers”…This did indeed sound far fetch but yet again, what did Meles state to all western media outlets?
“December 27, 2006 – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Ethiopian forces and the forces of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia have broken the back of international terrorist forces in and around Baidoa, and the latter are now in full retreat.

Meles said the main forces that the Ethiopian defense forces and that of the TFG faced particularly around Baidoa were not Somali forces as such. “They were Eritrean troops, international terrorists and some elements of the so-called Shabab,” Meles said in a press conference he gave to local and international journalists here on Tuesday.[/b]

Asked what exactly is Ethiopia’s mission [in Somalia], Meles said, “The mission of our defense forces is to protect Ethiopia from the threat posed by the so-called Mujahidin, the Shabab, and their backers – [b]the Eritrean army.”

Asked how Ethiopia would face a guerilla warfare which the terrorists are threatening to launch, Meles said, “Ethiopia will not be there for them to wage a guerilla war. [LOL simple miskeen agame]


Source: ENA
As if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s actual TV reporting of “dead Eritrean troops in Somalia” — Again, I must stress this, NOT A SINGLE ERITREAN SOLDIER WAS EVER FOUND IN SOMALIA.
Fast forward to 3:25 and the reporter says, she actually sees dead Eritrean and Sudanese soldiers along with ICU fighters.


I can post more and I probably will, for the majority of the wars in the horn of Africa have been as a result of the CIA and US administrations, who use their regional condoms to exercise their wishes on the people, through invasions, media outlets and “sanctions”. 
So now that i’ve shown you the power of the media and how they always seem to get it “coincidently” wrong on issues the CIA does not want it to get it right, one starts to wonder why? The simple answer I’ll give is because Eritrea refuses to be a condom. Why even wear a condom for American imperialism, when you aint doing any of the nutting? History has shown us, if you go to bed with the devil, this case being the US, you’re bond to be f’ucked.
Who can forget this, the lion of the Arab world, the guy who donated the most money to Eritrean liberation fighters, (which was condemned by America, but the act of annexing a nation like Eritrea was a high five for them) — He made the biggest mistake of his life in the 80s, by agreeing to wear the red, white and blue jimmy hat.[/

And the result of a used condom, you get thrown to the trash!
“The Only time Eritreans kneel, is when they pray and when they shoot” – Abdu




Selling a conflict to the world

Amanuel Biedemariam

June 15, 2008

Before the start of the Iraq war, we all witnessed the US war-machine in full gear in order to sell the war. It was a multi faceted approach and an approach that certainly exposed the ideas of the inner workings of the Bush administration and a snap shot on how the US approaches work in general. The over-zealot nature, the hubris, miscalculations and the lies that were exposed because of the mishandling of the Iraq war helped a lot of people to come out and expose the US . It is a public record and a subject of many books. It damaged the credibility of the US for the foreseeable future.

Selling conflicts and managing conflicts is an integral part of any US administration  regardless of who is in power ; that is why you see the so called US experts get recycled over and over again.

In the beginning of the Eritrean and Ethiopian conflict, there were pundits who played the games of selling the war brilliantly. Initially they gave the appearance of neutrality but over time their cover was blown and forced to take sides in this case they sided with Ethiopia . We all recognize David Shinn as one of the main players in the Horn who peddled and influenced opinion.

Predictably and on queue, here comes David Shinn giving interviews with the VOA as a neutral observer and expert of the Horn trying to sell the newly concocted conflict between Eritrea and Djibouti . For the curios, this is what he said; “I think it’s playing into a competition that is going on between particularly Ethiopia and Eritrea throughout the region. In addition, we certainly have seen that in Somalia it self and I think it’s starting to play out to some extent in the case of Djibouti. Djibouti has been an important ally of Ethiopia, particularly economically, in terms of virtually all Ethiopian exports and imports passing through the port of Djibouti. This of course is a huge moneymaker for Djibouti, so it’s in their interest to continue this relationship. Eritrea may see the concept of putting pressure on Djibouti as perhaps indirectly creating some additional concern in Addis Ababa,” he says.
For any one who likes to pay attention, these are subliminal messages, particularly this one that insinuate a motive; “This of course is a huge moneymaker for Djibouti, so it’s in their interest to continue this relationship. Eritrea may see the concept of putting pressure on Djibouti as perhaps indirectly creating some additional concern in Addis Ababa.”  According to David Shinn, Eritrea wants Ethiopia to utilize its ports and Ethiopia will sure be forced to use Eritrean ports if Djibouti is destabilized.
This is under handed way of assigning guilt and blame to Eritrea in order to label it aggressor as they have done in the past with Ethiopia effectively! This statement is a compliment to the statement the State Department gave to the international community, which puts the blame directly on Eritrea with out any verification in contradiction to the French observation that refutes the incursion!

In the same breath, Mr. Shinn managed to put this in a larger context by hinting this is another way that Ethiopia and Eritrea are expanding their proxy wars in the wider Horn region and her is the quote; “I think it’s playing into a competition that is going on between particularly Ethiopia and Eritrea throughout the region. In addition, we certainly have seen that in Somalia it self and I think it’s starting to play out to some extent in the case of Djibouti.”

The meeting that just ended in Djibouti is a ploy by the US and a last ditch effort by the failed diplomat, Dr. Janday Frazer, to give Ethiopia a way out and deflect attention from their failures in Somalia. It is obvious in retrospect; one of the objectives of the meeting was to pull Djibouti into the conflict.

This statement by the Foreign Ministry of Eritrea is a fitting perspective to the point; “Indeed, the sad and well-known fact is that US policy and meddling in our region – starting from the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia to the situations in the Sudan, Kenya and Somalia – is contributing to the proliferation and aggravation of crises. Consequently, the resolution of problems has become elusive and the stability of our region undermined.”

A seasoned Horn expert like David Shinn should know and understand by now, that Eritrea and the people of the Horn are not to be fooled by his deception. Eritrea will never view Djibouti as a competition that needs to be destabilized. Eritrea , since 2001 worked very hard to establish and foster a neighborly relation with Djibouti based on cooperation and not on competition. Furthermore, Eritrea makes it clear to the world, repeatedly, that doesn’t intend to work with the minority clique in Ethiopia . 

Shinn also said, regarding the United States policy for the region; “You have to look at the region as a whole. You can’t try to address any of these issues by looking separately at one country. I mean obviously there are bilateral relationships and you have bilateral dealings with each country. But if you treat your policy on strictly a bilateral basis it’s almost guaranteed to fail.”

Obviously, David Shinn must believe the current instability in the Horn is the intended outcome ideal for the US, confirming Eritrean believes. Otherwise, he would press the US hard to change the failed policies that pins a one country against the other and help to foster relations of cooperation. Unfortunately, history does not allow us to have faith in the judgment of US. David Shinn must also understand Eritrea was not handed to us in a silver platter!