Genocide by Meles Zenawi, and The Role of US Administration

Genocide by Meles Zenawi and the role of US administration!
Amanuel Biedemariam <[email protected]>

June 10, 2008 
Often, when the question of genocide comes up, if it comes up; it is with in the context of a political sphere or dynamic, diluting its present damages and future ramifications! If history is to be taken as example, the genocide that took place in Rwanda should be one, not for the horrendous acts committed but for the way the world handled it, politically. In the aftermath, after the atrocities culminated reaching biblical proportions and a tragic new history in the life of Rwandans was formulated; token apologies and regrets were given by world leaders and as if it is a consolation, it was coupled by symbolic court proceedings in The Hague that put some culprits in jail as punishment.
What this shows is history is subject to manipulation to suit the needs of the political pictures and need of the day. It needs to fit to the political realm, plans and objectives of the powers that are eager to exploit it. There is no need to, or desire to take responsibility to correct wrongs but to take political advantages. Through out history, many acts of genocide were committed indifferent parts of the world and the history is often short sold to this generation and for sure generations to come for lack of accountability. The only time the world captured the essence of genocide successfully is with the Holocaust mainly due the tenacity and the ability of the Jews communities through out the world and their main allies in the West, the US in particular.
How does this relate to Meles Zenawi, his bandits, and the US? Like in Rwanda, atrocities that are committed to date by Meles Zenawi in Somalia, Ogaden, Oromia and in many places in the Horn should never be subject to political manipulations. The mass deportations that took place and the ethnic cleansing of Eritreans who resided in Ethiopia must receive justice. These large groups most of whom where Ethiopians by birth and most of them life time residents in Ethiopia and for all practical purposes fit for the classification of citizens, their pain, and the looting of their properties by Meles Zenawi and his gangs must not be left for political interpretations.
In dealing with this subject, all affected publics must come into a consensus about a number of issues. First, there must be an agreement on what genocide means and whether that actually is taking place. Genocide is a systemic destruction of ethnic group by a nation. Rape, torture, mass killing, burning communities, looting and all attempts to dislodge communities are means to that end.
 It is not a mere accusation or politically motivated PR slander against Meles Zenawi, it is a fact, and it is the reality of the day in the life of millions of Ethiopians. It is witnessed by news organizations and human rights groups who are crying foul to the world and falling on deaf ears predictably. We are living a recorded genocidal history.
One of the main reasons these atrocities are taking places is due to the ability of Meles Zenawi to manipulate leaders of the world who are vying for positions in the region regardless of the cost. In fact, the weaker Meles is the better they are positioned to exploit. In a convoluted ethically challenged world, a genocidal Meles Zenawi, weak amongst his constituency is good for the West.
In addition, Meles Zenawi created ethnic federalism in Ethiopia to suit his manipulating needs; he destroyed the Ethiopian national identity deliberately by separating the country along ethnic lines. When societies hold their ethnic lineage dear and fail to live to a higher identity of unity or a country as we witnessed in Rwanda and the Balkans, it is certain recipe for disaster. As the result of the seed Meles Zenawi planted, we hear daily reports of ethnic clashes in various parts of Ethiopia for simple reasons the courts can resolve if allowed.
Making the case against Meles Zenawi for his crimes should be easy. However, addressing him in a unified manner in order to defeat him and throw him into the gutter of history is a challenge for all concerned for many reasons:

Most Ethiopians are a reflection of the ethnic lines in Ethiopia and their political needs can mirror that.
Their political divisions are deep and unclear to most.
The divisions have been around for decades with out resolution or the establishment of a consensus.
There is a remnant of the monarchy that penetrates into different aspects of the political environments. The ex-monarchy plays a confusing role; mostly power politics, with different groups. These are monarchy descendants with different interests.. Mulugheta AsrateKasa is a good example amongst the few. Most importantly however, the monarchy or the history of it and its legacy is still unresolved in the minds of many.
There is a Derg element in the political environment, shamefully.
Many have this idea or perception (wrongly) that Eritrea, or parts of it, is a token to be disregarded and view it like a fruit tree they can harvest at the right moment. They lack understanding of the Eritrean people or they disregard the views and feelings of Eritreans by undermining them!
Most are divided for different interests, but mainly for identities that will divide Ethiopia along Ethnic lines i.e. Oromia, Ogaden, Tigray, etc… These are serious divisions!
They lack the emotional, moral and political leader(s) that can address the dynamics of these complicated diversities to unite and focus them.
They forget the joker, Sheik Al-Amoudi. The main man! They don’t know how to deal with him and his constant legal threats and pursuits.
It is also worth donating kudos to the Aiga people (the handful loud Meles Zenawi supporters) who relentlessly play attack politicking like there is no tomorrow. It is lovely to see their unprincipled principle of ethics. The Aiga boys believe its OK to loot, kill, torture or any crime against Ethiopians and Eritreans, as long as it suits them. Any one who supports them is a King and otherwise you are trash.
The trillion dollar guerilla,
For a long time going back to the Derg era, Ethiopians viewed the US as an honest broker and lobbied the US hard for justice. The Ethiopian Diaspora is by far one of the most important allies the Ethiopian people have in order to have a voice for justice. However, the recent success of H.R.2003 in the House should serve as a good example; to expect justice in that manner will never yield the desired outcome of seeing Meles Zenawi and his gangs behind bars for the atrocities they are committing in Ethiopia, Somalia and else where in the Horn.
The reason for the certain failure to the approach of advocacy in the US is simple; it is a threat to US interest in the region! That must be clear by now. Any change with out the US approval is unacceptable. In an interview on May 29, 2008 with Waltainfo, the US Ambassador in Ethiopia, Donald Yamamato made it crystal clear, that Ethiopia is the most important client state in Africa. One of the reasons is the AU headquarters in Addis. The US is prepared to do any thing to protect their important client state including digging deep into the Ethiopian opposition to weaken and fragment them as they have with CUD. Short of giving up and giving in into the hands of Meles Zenawi, any opposition will have no prayer if it is up to the US.
What to do?
To paraphrase a saying in Eritrea, don’t pray on a monastery that won’t hear your prayer. That means accepting the reality. The US will not help the people of the Horn in any way shape or form and free Ethiopia from the barbaric grip of a brutal mercenary. Ambassador Donald Yamamato stated the US is taking a holistic approach regarding US assistance to Ethiopia. The US provides military, financial, investment, political, socio-political assistance and helps it to deal with HIV Aids. To put it bluntly, the US is the chief financier of Meles Zenawi and his gangs regardless of the abuse Ethiopians endure. The US will always spin facts to fit their agendas. In fact it is fascinating to hear the US Ambassador, Donald Yamamoto, address the Ethiopian people when interviewed, mainly by Waltainfo the government outlet, it makes you think you are hearing to an Ethiopian running for a higher office the way he promises and highlights accomplishments.
Ethiopians every where must face reality and start addressing their issues urgently:

First, by dropping all their political requirements and focusing on things they can agree on.
By giving people hope, a way and a chance for all to rally around a cause.
By prioritizing. When prioritizing, it must be realistic and not repeat past mistakes by expecting too much from US lawmakers.
To pick a cause all can support. In this case, the demise and imprisonment of Meles Zenawi and his gang.
To device strategy, a focused strategy and rally around it. A good example for this is the recent visit of the Gambella Governor who faced all Ethiopians and barred from entering Canada due to his genocidal background.
To make the same effort when dealing with Al-Amoudi and his yes-men.
To have a message that unites all, around a simple idea or a slogan (original).
To provide an umbrella of leadership representative of all.
To hold on to a cause, with a message that all can relate and rally around. In this case, Genocide and ethnic cleansing!
To understand the laws and operate with in them effectively. Here is a good example: It must be illegal for US Presidents to have their pictures taken with killers of innocent civilians like Meles Zenawi who shot people point blank while demonstrating, and slit innocent worshiper’s throats inside a Mosque. It is also worth noting how the State Department’s own view of the human rights record is!
Many may ask why an Eritrean would be interested on Ethiopian matters. The answer is simple; Meles Zenawi is the slickest tyrant to rule over an African state, ever. He has established himself as an equal opportunity violator. He is a gang leader, killer, mercenary, looter, sellout, and Ethnic cleansing genocidal killing machine who crossed across all the boundaries of the Horn with blessing of the US to destabilize the Horn to suite his suitors! Many have stopped calling his troops Ethiopian troops; they call them “Weyane Troops” simply because they don’t want Ethiopian troops to be connected to the genocidal history unfolding. Meles Zenawi doesn’t represent the Ethiopian people, the Horn and people of Africa. He represents the interest of the powers that help him stay in power, some elites, his Weyane thugs and the main one, the US. Looting is rampant. Recently, gold plated metals were traded by the main bank as gold bricks, a clear exposure of the ultimate looting of a nation. Meles Zenawi is not just Ethiopian headache any more; he is the main headache of the Horn and he is only able to stay in power with the help and financing of the US and due to lack of a united approach.
For those who are able to see beyond our differences, understand the big picture, and believe we need to determine our future independent from mercenaries like Meles Zenawi who serve others; it is time, for all of us to come together and to start focusing on what is important. Meles Zenawi must have convinced all that he is a force that will destroy History, Nations, and the way of life for many. He is destroying norms, cultures and structures to un-recognizable state. We have an opportunity before it is too late; to make a stand. It is imperative to stand against Meles Zenawi, the Weyane thugs and the misguided US policy in the Horn, led by Dr. Janday Frazer. Dr. Janday Frazer has been quoted recently saying, “I DON’T CARE” when faced strong questioning in Seattle WA.
It is a shame to be disrespected in that manner without accountability!