VIDEO: ONLF kill or wound 104 Woyanes



The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) caused a heavy damage to Woyane troops stationed in the Southern Regions, during May12 – May17. In the consecutive, the group coordinated attacks in Kebridhar, Nusradik, Absala, Abola and Dabo Alai. Over 57 Woyane troops were killed and 47 injured. ONLF also re-buffed Meles’ false claim in parliament, of destroying the party for good.

Deputy Prime Minister of ARS, Dr Zecharias Mahmoud Haji Abdu, said there is no talks with TFG before the total and complete withdrawal of Woyane’s invading troops. According to Aljazeera’s reports, Somali freedom fighters vow to increase attacks on Ugandan and Burundi troops who are supporting the Woyane regime in Somalia’s occupation. In a clash between Somalia fighters and Ugandan troops, 18 were killed and 11 injured, mostly civilians.

Some members of the Annuak ethnic group, that were direct victims of atrocities and presently residing in Minnesota and Saskatoon, plan to press charges against a Woyane official touring in the States. The official, Amot Alom, is directly connected to the genocide reported by AP, for the slaying of 400 civilians in 2003. A Woyane meeting in Minnesota ended in failure due to Ethiopian nationals’ protest against the regime’s atrocities. Woyane agents from Western Shoa kidnapped three young Secondary School students, and  banned 25 students from continuing education at Bale Zone Bale University.


In Arsi and Bale region, 45000 cattle are wiped out, and Woyane officials demanded residents of this region to contribute money to the May 20 celebration.





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