91 Ethiopian soldiers killed in Somalia

91 Ethiopian (Woyane) soldiers killed in Somalia
Sun, 18 May 2008 23:00:47
Roadside bombs and heavy clashes have reportedly killed at least 91 Ethiopian troops near Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region, Weyne town.
Ethiopian soldiers, leaving Afgoye and Baidoa towns were targeted by roadside bombs planted earlier by the fighters of the Union of Islamic Courts, Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday.

The blasts left at least 60 Ethiopians killed and completely wrecked their three military vehicles, the report added.

The fighters then, using bazookas killed several others in a bloody battle which lasted for nearly 3 hours.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), Abdi Rahim Isse Addow, confirmed that UIC fighters have seized the area. He claimed that more than 144 Ethiopian soldiers were killed in the clashes.