ERITREA: a symbol of strength

ERITREA: a symbol of strength
Your beauty so stunning
your mountains gorgeous.
Decorated by islands
lies your sea of a turquoise.
A beauty so amazing
that no one can deny.
Even your worst enemies
to this they testify.
They sailed through the sea
seeking your precious pearl.
Your abundant resources
to exploit and steal.
Some even went so far
and claimed you as their own.
Their efforts collapsed,
and a nation was re-born!
Defiant as ever
our beloved country.
You held your head up high
 controlling your destiny.
“How could a young nation
be strong and might” they say.
Astonished by your strength
 filled with much dismay.
Your enemies tremble
at the sight of your children.
The roaring mighty lions
of the new generation.
They vowed to carry the torch
for their brother and sister.
For all veteran heroes
and for every dear martyr.
Your resilience paid off
you’re a sovereign nation.
You’re a beacon of hope
 for all generation.
Happy 17th our beloved
may you grow and prosper.
God bless and keep you
forever and ever.