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State of Eritrea ሃገረ ኤርትራ Hagere Ertra دولة إرتريا Dawlat IritrīyaAnthem: Ertra, Ertra, Ertra Eritrea, Eritrea, Eritrea:  Capital (and largest city) Asmara   15°20′N 38°55′E / 15.333°N 38.917°E / 15.333; 38.917  Official language(s) Tigrinya, Arabic, English Other languages Tigre, Saho, Bilen, Afar, Kunama, Nara, Hedareb,. Ethnic groups 60% Tigrinya, 30% Tigre, 4% Afar, 3% Saho, 3% Kunama: Demonym Eritrean Government Provisional government - President Isaias Afewerki: Independence - From Italy November 1941 - From United Kingdom under UN Mandate 1951 - from Ethiopia de facto 24 May 1991 - From Ethiopia de jure 24 May 1993 Area - Total 117,600 km2 (100th) 45,405 sq mi      - Water (%) 0.14% Population - 2009 estimate 5,224,000[4] (109th) - 2008 census 5,291,370 - Density 43.1/km2 (165th) 111.7/sq mi GDP (PPP) 2010 estimate - Total $3.625 billion[5] - Per capita $681[5] GDP (nominal) 2010 estimate - Total $2.117 billion[5] - Per capita $397[5] HDI (2007) steady 0.472 (low) (165th) Currency Nakfa (ERN)      Time zone EAT (UTC+3) - Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+3) Drives on the right ISO 3166 code ER Internet TLD .er Calling code 291 1 ,.     National TV: Eritrea Television (ERI-TV Live) Eritrea (play /ˌɛrɨˈtreɪ.ə/ or /ˌɛrɨˈtriːə/;[6] Ge'ez: ኤርትራ ʾErtrā, Arabic: إرتريا Iritrīyā), officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa. The capital is Asmara. It is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. The northeast and east of the country has an extensive coastline on the Red Sea, directly across from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Dahlak Archipelago and several of the Hanish Islands are part of Eritrea. Eritrea's size is approximately 117,600 km2 (45,406 sq mi) with an estimated population of 6 million...
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